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So, what is

Once there was a group of foodservice industry people hiding behind aprons, chef jackets and desks longing for the day that restaurant quality smallwares were available to all Canadians. 

Donning capes, we set out on a mission to supply quality, functional and affordable restaurant tools and equipment. 

Savvy in the ways of today’s consumer and an ever-changing market, together we built The easy to navigate, easy to shop, Canadian-based website dedicated to restaurant and kitchen smallwares. 

Whisk by whisk, we strive to bring out everyone’s inner chef.  We dedicate ourselves to helping small to mid-sized professional foodservice operators acquire the necessary supplies to run profitable kitchens. 

Although we stay ready to assist from the digital world, Brockville, Ontario is our physical base of operations.  From there we service all Canadians; from the salty shores of PEI to way up north in Tuktoyaktuk. 

We aren’t finished yet.  Yes, we have the foundation and are ready and eager to serve you, but there is more to come. More brands, more categories and exclusive products. Hot promotional deals, equipment, expansive online catalogue, easier to find products and content created for you to keep current, assist in your kitchen and increase your bottom line.  

Is there a product you would like to see on the site?  Please let us know. 

We look forward to serving you…