Cleanware® HT-E

Sparkling clean (and sanitized) dishes for less 

Dirty dishes are a necessary evil in the foodservice industry.  But who wants to spend more than they need to clean them?  Well, sparkling clean is what you get with Cleanware’s HT-E Dishwasher - without messing up your budget. is proud to present and be the exclusive Canadian supplier of the Cleanware® HT-E High Temperature Under Counter dishwasher.  

Cleanware HT-E High Temperature Dishwasher

Cleanware is a new brand to Canada but developed to specifications from a company you know – Jackson.  With almost a century in business, you can be assured they’ve washed a few dishes.   

With 22+ years in the warewashing business, Steve Willoughby, Jackson’s VP of Sales and Marketing has seen a few dirty dishes too.  He reminds us that the dishwasher reflects your business. “When you sit down at a restaurant, what is the first thing you see? Glassware, silverware and dishes.  Your dishwashing is part of your customer’s first impression.  Don’t disappoint them.”  

Your guests may not notice your gleaming dishes and glasses, but they will certainly notice if they aren’t clean. 

Every Jackson dishmachine is designed to be economically feasible while achieving the quality results you need to impress your guests.  The Cleanware® HT-E is no exception.   

Jackson prides itself on passion, excellence and value.  They manufacture energy-efficient, built to specification and built-to-last units.  The proof is in the numbers.  Take water conservation.  It’s serious business from both an energy and environmental standpoint.  The Cleanware® HT-E is designed to use a minimal amount of water yet not compromise on clean and sanitized dishes.  

Dishwasher controls close-up


That’s why Jackson brought their Cleanware line to Canada. Permul represents Jackson in Canada and looks after the servicing on the warranty. “Permul provides the same quality service you would expect from Jackson,” says Willoughby. 

“Right now, we are seeing operators shift from low temp to high temp dishwashers,” says Willoughby.  “COVID has made everyone even more aware of sanitization and we believe they have made the shift for emotional reasons.  Also, because of the high temp’s naturally elevated drying ability.” 

The Cleanware® HT-E gives operators the opportunity to move from low temp to high temp dishwasher at a much lower price differential than it used to be. 

Both high temp and low temp dishwashers provide clean and sanitized dishes, Willoughby reminds us.  “There are advantages and disadvantages to both.  High temp ware washers are typically more efficient – utilizing less water with shorter and fewer wash cycles.” Faster cleaning during busy service periods is important in small kitchens. 

Coffee shops, day care centers, quick serve restaurants, bars and even hotel housekeeping would benefit from this efficient and economical warewashing solution. 

The key to sparkling clean and sanitized dishes?  “Clean your dishwasher regularly,” says Willoughby.  “That means cleaning all the screens and deliming. Delime on a regular schedule based on your local water conditions, for some that means every 2-3 weeks for others every 6 months.  If you don’t, the heating elements get coated in deposits which will decrease your efficiency.” 

He also recommends pre-scraping your dishes.  “If you don’t, all that stuff will end up in your dishwasher and you will need to pull it out later.  It’s much easier, and better for your dishwasher and the dishes, to scrape first.” 

Using the Cleanware® HT-E you can confidently clean and sanitize all your wares without messing up your budget or the environment. Letting you focus on the food.  



Cleanware® HT-E High Temperature Sanitizing Undercounter Dishwasher 


  • Push button start with autofill
  • Two cycle options
  • Digital LED temperature display 
  • Built-in booster heater with Sani-Sure™ final rinse system 
  • Delime mode 
  • Built-in chemical pumps and priming switches 
  • Auto pumped drain for either floor or wall drain installs 
  • Double-wall cabinet for sound reduction and reduced heat loss
    Capacity: 25 racks per hour 
    Water usage: 0.69 gal (2.6L) per rack 
    Size: 32.13” high x 23.75” wide x 24.75” deep 
    Power: 208/60/1 
    Warranty: 1 year parts and service.  Permul provides warranty servicing 
    Manufactured: Italy to Jackson specifications 
    Notes: Dish and glass racks sold separately