Dynamic | Commercial SD92 Manual Salad Spinner, 5 Gal

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$138.48 CAD
Wash salad more effectively and save food costs with the Dynamic Commercial SD92 Manual Salad Spinner. This manual lettuce cleaner is essential for saving food products and creating nice, crisp lettuce for your salads. Creating crisp lettuce will improve food quality because it allows salad dressing to cling better to the lettuce instead of running off due to excess water.

No one likes wet and soggy lettuce. Also, no one likes dirty lettuce. Providing both clean and dry lettuce is a simple fix with this salad spinner and will let your lettuce last longer. This offers less cost for your business or home by ensuring lettuce does not go bad so quickly.

The orange spinner is lightweight and easy to clean. It's made with durable plastic for a well-built structure that can withstand commercial kitchens.

Basket Size: 5 gallons
Max Capacity: 8 heads of lettuce
Measurements: 21" high x 17" diameter
Material: Plastic
Weight: 7.9 lb
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Parts

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