Large Item Delivery Checklist

Thanks for your equipment purchase! 

To ensure a smooth delivery process, please read through our checklist to make sure our Customer Service team has the right information to choose the right vehicle to deliver your order.

PLEASE NOTE: We only offer door-to-door delivery, also called curbside delivery.  It is up to you, the receiver, to uncrate, unwrap and/or unbox the product, bring it into the building and set it up.

Have you double checked measurements?

Measurements of the product in and out of the package can be different. It’s important you know both sets of measurements before purchasing the product.  Examples: some manufacturers ship equipment without the legs (or casters) making the shipping measurement smaller, some manufacturers ship equipment on a skid which would increase the shipping measurements.

Measurements to check

  1. Doorway measurements to get inside the building and any other doorways the equipment or large item needs to pass through for placement
  2. Final location measurements (remembering to include allowance for spacing and venting, refer to the product page or owner’s manual for details)
  3. Corners and stairs, if your equipment or large item needs to move through these types of spaces for placement

Do you have a loading dock or will it be a street-level delivery?

This information needs to be relayed to the Customer Service team to ensure the right vehicle is used to deliver your order.

Are you ready for door-to-door delivery?

Ensure you have enough staff or help to receive your order and safely move it inside the building.  Remember to check the weight of the equipment or large item that is being delivered to assess how much help you may need.

Do you know what you should be inspecting when your delivery arrives?

Please inspect your order closely.  Before you accept (sign for the delivery) please double-check the shipment for any signs of damage.  If there is any visible damage to the packaging and/or product, take pictures, refuse delivery and contact us immediately.