About ChefEquipment.com

So, what is ChefEquipment.com?

Once there was a group of foodservice industry people hiding behind aprons, chef jackets and desks longing for the day that restaurant quality smallwares were available to all Canadians. 

Donning capes, we set out on a mission to supply quality, functional and affordable restaurant tools and equipment. 

Savvy in the ways of today’s consumer and an ever-changing market, together we built ChefEquipment.com. The easy to navigate, easy to shop, Canadian-based website dedicated to restaurant and kitchen smallwares. 

Whisk by whisk, we strive to bring out everyone’s inner chef.  We dedicate ourselves to helping small to mid-sized professional foodservice operators acquire the necessary supplies to run profitable kitchens. 

Although we stay ready to assist from the digital world, Brockville, Ontario is our physical base of operations.  From there we service all Canadians; from the salty shores of PEI to way up north in Tuktoyaktuk. 

We aren’t finished yet.  Yes, we have the foundation and are ready and eager to serve you, but there is more to come. More brands, more categories and exclusive products. Hot promotional deals, equipment, expansive online catalogue, easier to find products and content created for you to keep current, assist in your kitchen and increase your bottom line.  

Is there a product you would like to see on the site?  Please let us know. 

We look forward to serving you… 


Adam ChefEquoment.com Product and Site Administrator

Adam - Product and Site Administrator

It’s difficult to say if Adam jumps between more tasks at home with two young boys or at work keeping our site and our 1000s of products running smoothly.  Good thing his favourite kitchen tool is a butter spreader, as he gets spread over many departments including Customer Service when needed. We keep him happy with onion rings and coffee, only serving green beans when he annoys us.

Cherie - Content Manager ChefEquipment.com

Cherie - Content Manager

Words, food and kitchen tools are Cherie’s favourite things – other than her family, of course.  Great news for us (and you) as she’s responsible for all the content on our site.  With over 20 years of foodservice experience, Cherie knows that every kitchen is trying to save time; researching, shopping and buying online helps.  She wants you to have information and products you need to keep cooking.

Colin - Marketing and Analytics Manager ChefEquipment.com

Colin - Marketing and Analytics Manager

Shockingly, Colin has zero foodservice experience, but we still let him join our team.  And not just because he loves beer and spicy food.  He believes customer service is the foundation of foodservice and his years of marketing experience help us build positive customer journeys.  Using analytics, he tells us what we need to do better – or maybe he just likes telling us what to do, we aren’t sure.

Jenn - Content Writer ChefEquipment.com

Jenn - Content Writer

Fueled on strawberry banana smoothies, Jenn powers through words and specs all day long. Her attention to detail makes sure you can find all the information you need about every product on our site.   Only distracted by her Corgi Poo, JJ.  We keep stacking new products on Jenn’s to-do pile, so we better pull out her favourite Vitamix blender.

Kevin - Customer and Product Coordinator ChefEquipment.com

Kevin - Customer and Product Coordinator

Kevin says he doesn’t cook professionally anymore, but we disagree. He has 5 kids – he just gets paid in love and thanks instead.  As part of our Customer Service Team, Kevin is the perfect person to help our customers find the right product and ensure their order is delivered.  We are still waiting to hear if his favourite food is bacon or cheese – at the moment it’s tied.

Laura - Engagement Marketing Manager ChefEquipment.com

Laura - Engagement Marketing Manager

Laura loves promoting and sharing our amazing range of products (her words, not ours – although we completely agree!).  With 15 years of foodservice experience, you should probably be paying attention to everything she says and posts.  When she’s relaxing, which doesn’t happen often with two kids, sushi makes her taste buds happy!

Paul - Director ChefEquipment.com

Paul - Director of Fun

Paul had a vision. It likely came to him while dirt biking which might seem odd, but it’s his thinking place. He wanted to create an easy way for Canadians to buy kitchen tools and equipment online. Ta-dah! You’re welcome!  With our amazing team and his leadership, ChefEquipment.com has evolved into the place chefs, cooks and foodservice operators trust to buy kitchen equipment and smallwares.