Rubbermaid and A Cleaning Duo

Cleaning house with Rubbermaid and 

Rubbermaid and understand that it takes more than elbow grease to keep a clean house.  Front-of-house, back-of-house or your family home, Rubbermaid has created the tools you need for every cleaning job. has them in stock at great prices. Together, we’ll help you find the right products for creating a cleaner home and workplace. 

Based near Atlanta in the USA, Rubbermaid is a much-loved and well-known brand around the world. It is part of Newell Rubbermaid, a conglomerate made up of several brands producing a diverse range of products for both the retail and commercial markets.   

Mops and brooms, foam soap and dispensers, surface care products, waste and recycling containers – each Rubbermaid product has been specially developed to bring order and cleanliness to your space. Whether you're at work or home, a clean and tidy environment promotes health and wellbeing.  

Let’s look closely at two popular Rubbermaid product lines that are indispensable for both commercial and home customers. 

HYGEN™ Microfiber 

HYGEN Microfiber Cleaning cloths and pads

Rubbermaid Commercial Products microfiber products are the perfect choice for cleaning businesses and homes.  Efficient, effective and reusable, microfiber can be used for multiple surfaces. 

Microfiber literally means small fibers. These small fibers, polyester, nylon or a combination, are knit together producing a matrix that can easily trap microscopic particles and liquids more efficiently than large fibers. Why or how do they do that? 

HYGEN™ uses split-blended microfiber.  The fibers go through a splitting process that makes each strand look like an asterisk – providing many grooves, crevices and increasing the surface area.  Microfiber also has a static charge which will naturally attract the negatively charged dust, dirt and bacteria. 

Cleaning surfaces, and we mean thoroughly cleaning surfaces, with the proper tools is a necessary first step before sanitation/disinfection. 

Microfiber can be laundered and reused from 100 to 500 times depending on laundering method and the type of cloth.   

Microfiber Cloth - 8 Sided Folding Method 

Using the proper folding method provides maximum surface cleaning yet minimizes spreading dirt/debris over different surfaces. 

1.  Begin with an open, clean microfiber cloth. 
2.  Fold microfiber cloth in half. 
3.  Fold microfiber cloth into quarters. 
4.  Clean surfaces with two exposed sides of cloth. 
5.  Open microfiber cloth once to change sides. 
6.  Refold to expose two fresh cleaning sides. 
7.  Open cloth fully once four sides have been used. 
8.  Repeat steps 2 through 7 to use all eight sides. 

Rubbermaid 8-Sided folding method for cleaning cloths 

Commonly used colour coding for microfiber cloths: 

Blue – Specialty Areas 
Green – General Use 
Yellow – Bathroom 
Red – High Risk 


Types of HYGEN™ Microfiber Cloths and Pads 

HYGEN™ Durable Microfiber Cloth can handle general purpose to heavy-duty cleaning jobs. A premium, split-blended microfiber of heavy weight (based on grams of fibers per square meter) with a built in scrubber (the zig zag pattern in the material), these durable, long-lasting cloths can be laundered up to 500 times. 

Light Commercial Microfiber Cloth can handle light-duty to general purpose cleaning jobs. Special knitting process helps this medium weight cloth maintain its shape after laundering (can be laundered up to 200 washes). 

HYGEN™ Glass/Mirror Microfiber Cloth is the perfect choice for glass and mirror as well as stainless steel and other shiny surfaces.  The heavy weight can handle up to 500 launderings but has a smooth, non-abrasive surface for that immaculate surface finish. 

HYGEN Microfiber cleaning cloths in use

HYGEN™ Flexible Dust Wands are the choice of professional cleaners for good reason.  Easily collects dust, hair and debris from furniture, decorations and other areas with its bending and conforming structure. The heavy weight material can be laundered up to 500 times. 

HYGEN™ Dust Pads are necessary first step to proper floor care and remove dust, dirt and debris prior to wet mopping.  This heavy weight material can be laundered up to 500 times. 

HYGEN™ Microfiber Wet Mop Pad can handle general purpose to heavy-duty cleaning jobs.  The heavy weight pads have built-in scrubbers (the zig-zag pattern) and the surface construction balances drag force to reduce physical exertion when mopping. Can be laundered up to 500 times. 

HYGEN Microfiber mop pads, dusting sleeves and cloth in use

HYGEN™ Microfiber Product Care 

To ensure you get the maximum life span out of your microfiber cloths and pads, it’s important to follow the laundering guidelines. 

• Start with a clean laundry machine. 
• Separate microfiber cloths and pads from other materials. 
• Wash microfiber cloths and pads in mesh laundry nets. 
• Dry on low heat setting. 
• Do not allow clean wet cloths and pads to stay in the washing machine overnight. 
• Do not use fabric softener in the wash cycle nor dryer sheets in the dry cycle. 
• For commercial washing refer to the recommended detergent and maximum load size. 

BRUTE® Containers 

Rubbermaid Commercial Products BRUTE® products have been the choice of professionals since 1968.  This product line up is all about durability and reliability. It comes from a combination of unique design, quality materials and manufacturing process.  Built for tough worksites but designed to make work easier. 

BRUTE Container Display and use in commercial kitchen

BRUTE® Container features work together to reduce overexertion and improve productivity managing and collecting waste and recycling.   

Venting Channels make removing liners easier.  No straining to pull a full liner out of the containers, making it easier to move on to the next task. 
Bag Cinches mean the liners don’t need a knot to stay in place.  Secure and release the liners in one simple step for quick changes. 
Contoured Base Handles give a better grip in an ergonomic way when emptying containers without liners. 
Seamless Construction ensures an easy clean-up with no dirt and debris getting “stuck” in edges and crevices. 

Are BRUTE® Containers worth the cost?  Absolutely!  Even under the most extreme commercial environments, the proprietary design with quality materials (including a UV inhibitor) means the containers are built tough. 

• Proper construction means prolonged product life which is a key in sustainability. 
• Rim is built with ribs for increased strength and also resists crushing. 
• Handles are reinforced to make lifting and moving easier without tearing or damaging the handle. 
• Base of the containers are also reinforced to endure dragging and extend life and durability in tough workplaces. 


With multiple sizes and colours available, you are sure to find the right BRUTE® container for your space.   

BRUTE® Container Accessories 

BRUTE® containers, although outstanding on their own, are even better with the right accessories.   

BRUTE® Lids 

Self-Draining Lids have a snap-lock feature given a secure fit, but the self-draining channels on the top prevent water from pooling when stored outdoors. 

Dome Top Lids have spring action doors keeping odours in and pests out of waste containers.  Again, the snap-lock feature ensures a secure fit not easily knocked when patrons are disposing of waste. 

Funnel Top Lids offer a hands-free disposal option.  Minimizing the view of container contents from patrons. 

BRUTE® Dollies 

Maneuver and move full containers up to 250 lb with ease using a BRUTE® dolly.  Twist and lock design for secure transport of 20, 32, 44 and 55 gallon BRUTE® containers. The 5 omnidirectional non-marking casters are quiet. 

BRUTE Container features, liner cinch, bottom grip and dolly

Cleaning is a never ending task.  Using expertly designed tools by Rubbermaid Commercial Products will complete cleaning jobs more efficiently to save time.  Buying these essential cleaning products at saves money.  A cleaning duo that can't be beat.