Stocking Stuffers

For the people in your life who love to cook, bake, grill, mix, shake or stir; stuffing their stocking is easier than ever this year.  Give them gifts that make working (or playing) in the kitchen easier. Maybe they will thank you in food!

Really, anyone who has a kitchen - so we really mean EVERYONE - would appreciate any of these practical and helpful culinary tools.

Here's a list of 18 products the team wouldn't mind finding in their stockings this year:


Maverik The Original Maverik Scrubbing Pad

Maverik | The Original Maverik Scrubbing Pad

If you cook, there will be a mess to clean up.  Sometimes its an easy clean up, sometimes it looks like a bomb went off in the kitchen.  The Original Maverik is a quick and easy cleaning solution. Simply add water and soap, no special chemicals are needed to achieve exceptionally clean results.

Now, you might be thinking that giving them cleaning products in their stocking is like giving them coal. We wholeheartedly disagree!  These magical scrubbing pads are going to be their favourite gift!  Well, maybe that's a stretch, but they will thank you for the time it saves them cleaning up.


Peugeot Clavelin Sommelier's Corkscrew

Peugeot |  Clavelin Sommelier Corkscrew

A corkscrew that is the Cadillac of corkscrews! Designed for sommeliers (wine professionals), this ingeniously crafted tool has a patented handle mechanism to open all types of corks in one continuous motion.

The Peugeot corkscrew is compact enough to fit into any sized kitchen or pocket to be ready for any bottle opening opportunity. Also, it has an integrated a foil cutter and bottle cap opener.


Browne Bowl Scrapers

Browne | Bowl Scraper

The little tool that could! Don't be fooled by its simplicity.  A plastic bowl scraper (also called a dough cutter, bench scraper, that "where have you been all my life" kitchen tool) is found in professional kitchens nationwide, loved by bakers and chefs.

The rounded edge of this flexible scraper easily swipes sticky doughs out of bowls onto counters or into pans. The flat beveled edge gets under dough (or other ingredients) to scrape it off of workstations; or, it can cut dough into smaller pieces or work it into shapes. 


SignatureWares Easy Grip Y Peeler 

SignatureWares | Easy Grip Y Peeler

You are going to love this peeler!  Built for busy commercial kitchens, this peeler is strong and durable to just keep peeling, just keep peeling. A stainless steel razor sharp blade (comes with a blade protector to protect both you and the blades when stored in a drawer) that swivels offers precision and minimizes hand fatigue.

The soft grip vinyl handle is comfortable and great for righties or lefties.  Potato lovers will appreciate the integrated eye-remover.


John Boos Boos Block Board Cream 

John Boos | Boos Block Board Cream

Kitchen beauty products are a thing!  A natural moisture to bring out the best in all of your wood tools, it prevents drying and cracking.  The thick formula seals the wood surface to keep the moisture locked in. Smooth, sealed, crack-free surfaces ensure foods and liquids don't permeate into the wood.

Perfect for wood butcher blocks, cutting boards and culinary utensils.  


Jpyce Chen Bamboo Mixing Spoons 

Joyce Chen | Mixing Spoon, Bamboo

For those choosing more sustainable options in their kitchen, these mixing spoons are a great choice. Made of sustainable bamboo with a burnished finish, they resist heat and moisture (but remember to treat them properly, hand washing is recommended).

Perfect for use with nonstick or seasoned surfaces, keeping your cookware in tip top shape.


Rubbermaid Scraper Spatulas 

Rubbermaid | Scraper Spatula, White

Cook, chef, baker or kitchen newbie, it doesn't matter who you are or what your level of experience is in the kitchen; a professional quality scraper spatula is an essential tool.

Great for scraping bowls and containers to get every last drop of sauce or batter or every morsel of food means more to eat for you and less waste.


Matfer Bourgeat Exoglass High Temperature Pelton Spatula 

Matfer Bourgeat | Exoglass High Temperature Pelton Spatula

Form and function come together in this beautiful turner spatula.  Yes, we called it beautiful!  Made of durable Exoglass material, this spatula can take the heat, up to 430°F!

The flexible edge can gently turn fish and omelettes and the slots in the blade allow the fat to drain away and stay in the pan. 


Vollrath Economy Tongs

Vollrath | Economy Utility Tongs

They won't be able to help themselves.  As soon as they pull these tongs out of their stocking they will do it. As one of our reviewers said, "give them the ole double click."

At the stove, oven, grill or kitchen counter they can flip, roll, poke, grab, push or pull food and pans. Made of stainless steel with a simple stay open spring design they are easy to clean (dishwasher safe) and last for years.  So, grab a few and start stuffing their stockings.


Cuisipro Vegetable Cleaning Brush

Cuisipro | Vegetable Cleaning Brush

Another cleaning product you say?  We say, yes! Why? Because fruits and vegetables need to be cleaned, so why not do it right and in style?

Soft bristles get into all the nooks and crannies, and because the scrubber is in three sections, it flexes around the variety of shapes you encounter when prepping produce, yet still gives a secure and comfortable gift the to user. The fact that it's a Christmas-y green is just a bonus!


Dexter Basics Paring Knife

Dexter | Basics Paring Knife

Chefs pride themselves on using quality ingredients. Ingredients don’t arrive “ready to use”. Nothing compares to using a paring knife for peeling, trimming and intricate prep work. 

Easy to use for small and large hands, allowing the chef to stay in complete control. Truly a small chef knife worthy to prepare the ingredients for their signature dishes. 


Vollrath 4 Piece Measuring Spoon Set

Vollrath | 4 Piece Measuring Spoon Set

Sure, there are some professionals who can eyeball a 1/2 teaspoon or a tablespoon, but they have the years, if not decades of practice on their side. Yet even with years of practice, they grab measuring spoons sometimes. Never underestimate the importance of measuring spoons. Stamped with imperial and metric measurements, these one-piece stainless steel spoons are a great choice for any kitchen.

Oh, and did we mention that once out the package they make a lovely jingling noise?  Maybe you should hang them on the tree instead!


Browne Double Jiggers

Browne | Double Jigger

Pour some Christmas spirit (double pun intended) into their stocking this year with a double jigger. An essential bartending tool for making properly measured cocktails, this type of jigger is two cups attached at the base, each with a different measurement. 

However, might we also suggest using it as an elevated dip cup on a charcuterie board, an an egg cup or for those guests who prefer their dressing on the side.


BIA White Porcelain Ramekin in 4 oz size

BIA | Ramekin, 4 oz, White Porcelain

Oh, the humble ramekin. Bake a delectable Crème Caramel or Individual Turkey Pot Pie, microwave eggs for a quick breakfast sandwich, heat up a serving of frozen vegetables, serve a small side of Butternut Squash Soup, hold perfectly prepped chives to garnish Souffleed Mashed Potatoes or fill with Au Jus for a Beef Dip...Seriously, what can't a ramekin do?

This white porcelain version by BIA Cordon Blue will suit any kitchen and cooking style.  Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe means its ready for whatever food situation presents itself. Hope they have a big stocking, because they are going to want to find more than one in there.


SignatureWares Bun Pan Liners


SignatureWares | Silicone Bun Pan Liner/Baking Mat 

There is no need to grease bun pans, baking sheets or cookie sheets and parchment paper becomes obsolete when you use these naturally non-stick liners that can be reused up to 2000 times!  Clean up is a breeze, so save kitchen clean up time (and help the environment) by adding one (or many) of these silicone bun pan liners to their stocking.  

This liner can withstand temperatures ranging from -22°F to 446°F taking it from freezer to oven and all the places in between.  


Vollrath Color Coded One Piece Thumbpress Disher

Vollrath | Color-Coded One-Piece Thumb Press Disher

A disher, also called a portion scoop, is the perfect kitchen tool for portioning soft foods.  Whether that's scooping cookie dough onto baking sheets, making Nona's Marvelous Meatballs, or portioning perfect mounds of Roasted Garlic Boursin Mashed Potatoes, using a disher means each scoop is the exact same amount. 

Perfect portioning saves time - no eyeballing to get things even.  Perfect portioning also gives consistent results when cooked or baked - when portions are the same size they need the same cook time.

Available in 9 sizes - each size has a different coloured handle.


 SignatureWares Waterproof Pocket Thermometer

SignatureWares | Waterproof Pocket Thermometer

Take the guesswork out of, well, guessing the temperature of food.  Professional kitchens cannot (and should not) operate without thermometers and neither should any one else's kitchen.  This easy to read digital thermometer is great for home chefs, bakers and outdoor grillers; showing results in 5 seconds!

The protective sleeve keeps the probe safe during storage and it can either be clipped to a shirt or worn around the neck with the included lanyard.  And if you drop it in the stew by worries, fish out and wash it off, it is waterproof.


Browne Sandwich Spreader

Browne | Sandwich Spreader, 3.75" Blade, Wood Handle

We had to add this product to our stocking stuffer list. Paul, our boss, thinks its the best kitchen tool.  As much as we don't want to agree with him, it is pretty handy. Please don't tell him we said that!

The wide rounded blade is perfect for spreading butter, mayonnaise, egg salad, peanut butter, guacamole or many other sandwich spreads or condiments on bread or buns. Use the smooth side for spreading, assemble the rest of your sandwich, then flip to the serrated edge to cut it into pieces and enjoy!