Gifts for the Gadget Guru

Chances are, you know a kitchen gadget guru.  They love to collect and use specially designed tools for preparing and presenting food to friends and family.  Their creations are as unique and perfect as they are, because they care enough to use the best utensil, appliance, instrument, machine or gizmo for the job.

Why not surprise them this holiday with a kitchen gadget as extraordinary as they are.

Here's a list of 18 products recommended by the Gadget Gurus at


Nordic Ware Norwegian Krumkake Pizzelle Iron

Nordic Ware | Norwegian Krumkake / Pizzelle Iron with Rolling Cone

This gadget looks like it came right out of Santa's workshop!  Krumkake is a delicate Norwegian waffle cookie; although, they can be eaten as is or they can also be rolled into a cone while the cookie is still warm. And, if that isn't delicious enough, fill them with whipped cream. Plus, this cooking iron can make Pizzelle, too. Prepared in the same way but using a different batter, Pizzelle are an Italian sugar cookie that is rolled into a cone fill with fruit, ice cream or Orange Infused, Whipped Mascarpone.


Matfer Bourgeat Willow Proofing Basket Banneton

Matfer Bourgeat | Round Willow Proofing Basket / Banneton

A basket is a gadget?  Yes, this one is. A beautiful choice for displaying fruits and vegetables or even snacks, but its actual job is for proofing bread.  You know those round loaves of artisanal bread with the intricate spiral patterns?  That pattern comes from proofing the bread in these willow baskets (also called banneton).


de Buyer Mineral B Crepe Pan

de Buyer | Mineral B Element Crêpe Pan

Crêpes are perfect for almost any occasion, so give your gadget guru the best of the best. It has a large, flat cooking surface for quick and even heat distribution.  The shallow lip allows for easy flipping (and lets your chef to show off their skills), so they can keep the crêpes coming for Sunday brunch or to fill up the freezer for their next party.

Don't forget to tuck a Crepe Rake into their stocking! It helps evenly disperse the batter over the cooking surface.


Adamo Cannoli Tubes

Adamo | Cannoli Tubes, 4 Piece Set

Holy cannoli!  You will definitely reap the benefits of gifting this set of cannoli tubes to your gadget guru.  These Sicilian pastries are tubes of fried dough filled with a creamy sweet filling - using ricotta if keeping with Sicilian custom. 

Might we suggest giving them all the tools they need to make these delicious delicacies?  Add a set of pastry cutters for evenly sized pieces of dough and a piping bag to easily fill the tubes. Leave the gift. Get some cannoli. 


Norpro Tortilla Press

Norpro | Tortilla Press, 8"

If tortillas are always on the menu in your gadget lovers kitchen, they need a tortilla press in their arsenal. Versions of these magical time savers have been around for centuries - making quick work of making large quantities of tortillas. And, frankly, who doesn't need a large quantity of tortillas?

Suitable for making corn or flour tortillas.


Zeroll Original Ice Cream Scoop

Zeroll | Original Ice Cream Scoop

Let them scoop like the professionals with this incredible ice cream (sorbet, sherbert or gelato) scoop.  The design scoops plump round portions of ice cream without compacting (makes the portion look big). Used either right or left-handed, they will appreciate the smooth scooping and easy release, especially if the line of kids from the soccer team keeps growing.


 Swissmar Oyster Knife

Swissmar | Shucker Paddy Original Oyster Knife

Uniquely designed to shuck like a pro, whether they are left or right handed, this oyster knife will earn a dedicated spot in their kitchen gadget drawer - with the blade protected, of course.

With a comfortable pistol-type grip, finger guard and tapered tip, they can just keep shucking, just keep shucking...


Joyce Chen Sushi Making Kit

Joyce Chen | Sushi Making Kit

Everything they need to add sushi to their menu. Well, except for the ingredients.  Built using sustainable bamboo, the paddle evenly spreads the rice while the mat easily bends and moves to create a tight, compact and beautiful looking rolls. We do recommend washing by hand.  If they are completely new to the sushi-making game, this kit also includes directions for assembling sushi and some recipes.


Marcato Manual Pasta Machine

Marcato | Atlas 150 Manual Pasta Machine

Although you really only need a rolling pin to make impressive homemade fresh pasta, we highly recommend that if your gadget guru makes pasta (or gets frequent requests) regularly that you add this pasta machine to their list.  Easy to use (and clean), they will rejoice in streamlining their process. And, they can likely find someone willing to help crank out sheet after sheet of pasta.


TableCraft Sphere Ice Mold

TableCraft | Sphere Ice Mold Tray

Chill and roll with this ice tray that makes 1.75" spheres!  And it will keep drinks cold longer with less diluting. The flexible silicone makes removing the ice easy and the specially designed lid means no spills on the way to the freezer.  The silicone also means they can be used in the oven for baking up spherical treats!  


Fat Daddio's Silicone Mold Baba

Fat Daddio's | Silicone Mold, Baba

Rum baba or baba au we have your attention now!  Imagine if you will, a small individual cake that is saturated in rum flavoured syrup then topped with pastry cream. The shape of these silicone molds are perfect for this little delicacy.  Also great for making homemade pudding pops! 

Yes, this silicone bakeware can go from freezer to oven handling a temperature range from -40°F to 550°F.  We recommend putting on a bun pan to keep the molds stable and level.


 Chef Master Mini Refillable Butane Culinary Torch

Chef Master | Mini Refillable Butane Culinary Torch

Crème brûlée is only the beginning of what they can add to their culinary collection of deliciousness when your gadget guru has this torch in their hand. There is no end to the flavour (nor theatrics) when they wield the flame to quickly broil grapefruit for Sunday brunch, brown meringue on a Blueberry Almond Tart, or warm Grand Marnier to pour over Orchard Fruit Compote.


Mercer Barfly Zester and Channel Knife

Mercer | Barfly Zester and Channel Knife

Is it still considered a gadget if it is multi-functional?  Yup! We think of it as a gadget with a bonus.  Used for zesting citrus fruits, you can make long or short very thin strips (and extract the most flavour from the fruit) to use in sweet and savoury dishes.  The channel knife makes precise larger strips than the zester.  You can use it for citrus fruits, but also for removing strips of cucumber peel to make decorative cucumber slices (save the cucumber peel strips and use in a salad).  Our favourite use for citrus strips - Candied Three Citrus Medley.  


OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner 4.0

OXO Good Grips | Salad Spinner 4.0

Salad greens and fresh herbs will shine once they've taken a spin through this gadget.  Yes, we know, we are very punny!  Ergonomically designed, as all OXO Good Grips products are, it's easy to use with details to keep you (and your greens) safe and secure.  All greens and herbs should be washed - using a salad spinner is the best way to effectively dry them. When dried, they stay fresh longer. When using in a salad, excess water doesn't dilute the dressing. Not to mention that they pile up nice and high for a great presentation.


Nordic Ware 3 Piece Starry Cookie Stamp Set

Nordic Ware | 3 Piece Starry Cookie Stamp Set

Consider it a stamp of excellence when you hand your gadget guru this delightfully whimsical and seasonal set of cookie stamps.  Cookie stamp may be in the name, but your budding chef or baker will be using these stamps for pastry and even fondant impressions.


 Nordic Ware Bubble Waffle Pan

Nordic Ware | Bubble Waffle Pan

Beautiful and delicious bubbles! Bring the popular street food of Hong Kong to your your gadget gurus kitchen with this unique style of waffle pan.  Built by Nordic Ware (built to last or they wouldn't offer a 10 year warranty), the pan can be used on any type of stove.  The flavour combinations are as limitless as your admiration for chef (or baker) in your life!


Mercer Yanagi Sashimi Knife Beige

Mercer | Yanagi Sashimi Knife

If preparing and serving sushi is an event at your gadget guru's house, we would strongly recommend adding the specialized knife.  It has a long, thin blade that is designed with different angles on either side of the blade for precision slicing.  The best choice for slicing raw fish and seafood for preparing sashimi and sushi.  Mercer's Yanagi Sashimi Knife combines form and function.


Joyce Chen Professional Series 10 Piece Nonstick Flat Bottom Wok Set

Joyce Chen | Professional Series 10 Piece Nonstick Flat Bottom Wok Set

A wok wouldn't be considered a gadget to most. But this ten piece wok set most definitely hits the gadget guru's happy place.  A tempura rack, steaming rack, bamboo tongs, bamboo spatula, lid and a recipe booklet.  It most definitely will take them to their happy place.  Perfect for you, because they will want to start testing recipes right away.