Gifts for the Mixologist

Gifts for the Mixologist 

Liquid passion. The art of the cocktail. Mixologist, bartender, cocktail geek, barkeep, whatever you call them, they pour their heart and soul into the glasses of friends and family. 

Get into the holiday spirit and grab the quality professional bartending tools they want to add style and flair to their every pour. 

Here’s a list of 18 products recommended by the Mixologists at 


Stainless steel ice scoop

Browne | Ice Scoop, 3.3 oz, Stainless Steel 

Ice is nice. Stay cool and practical with this perfect stocking stuffer for the mixologists in your life.  A simple yet essential tool of restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs everywhere, a stainless steel ice scoop keeps hands clean, dry and warm.  Not to mention it keeps your bartender and their glassware safe. 

Ice is easily directed into the glass quickly, getting drinks to the guests faster.   



White cutting board with built-in handle

Browne | Medium Density Cutting Board, 6" x 10", White 

A perfect sized professional quality cutting board your cocktail geek needs. It can be tucked in with their bar supplies – home bar, kitchen counter, patio, or tailgate.  Sophisticated drinks need ingredients prepped ahead of time. From bar cut limes to paper thin slices of pear for a signature pear mimosa, this conveniently sized board protects your knives and counters. 

You might want to get two – one for the bar and one for those little prep jobs in the kitchen. 


Black 8.25" muddler

Browne | Muddler, 8.25", Black 

Every last bit of flavour stays in the glass (or shaker). Used to mash, press, crush and break up ingredients for cocktails to release all the flavour, juice and oils for cocktails. A muddler will assist your mixologist in making the perfect mojitos, margaritas or mint juleps.   

A simple press and twist is all it takes. Be sure to let them know you are available for taste testing. 


Red and white 1 oz precision shot pourer

    Browne | Sure Shot Precision Pour, 1oz 

    Smooth (accurate) pours is a sure shot to bartending greatness!  No spills and no overpouring makes this a must-have for profitable bars who want satisfied customers.  Measuring out 1 oz every single time (one handed), speeds up service and gives consistently delectable and perfectly balanced beverages glass after glass. 


    Various bar spoons with a muddler at end

      Mercer | Barfly Bar Spoon w/ Muddler, 11 13/16" 

      Your mixologist will soon be crushing it (and stirring it) when they unwrap this double duty tool.  A bowl spoon at one end with muddler at the other. A bar spoon with a twist in the handle that isn’t just for looks – used with a pourer, the spiral delicately places alcohol and spirits exactly where needed for visually stunning layered drinks. 

      Appreciate the form and function of this professional bartending tool.  Oh yeah, it looks great, too! 


      2 oz Jigger with capacities and 1oz/2oz straight rim jigger in various colours

        Mercer | Barfly Stepped Jigger, 2 oz, Stainless Steel 

        Gift them with accurate measuring. Step up their ability to measure amounts from ½ oz to 2 oz with a simple graduated design. This jigger is amazingly durable and can handle all bartending locations indoor and out. The flared top edge gives a smooth pour and provides extra strength to keep its shape. 

        Mercer | Barfly Heavy Duty Straight Rim Jigger, 1 & 2 oz 

        Ring, ring, ring goes this bell jigger. Quickly pour and flip between two measurements with this attractive design.  Additional internal markings show ¼. ½, ¾  and 1 ½ measurements. Its one piece heavy duty construction is built to last pour after pour after pour. 


        Tall, narrow hi-ball 11.75 oz bar glasses

        Pasabahce | Side-Heavy Sham Hi-Ball, 11.75 oz (1 DZ) 

        Hi-ball or Highball is the perfect glass for beverages that are poured over ice.  For alcoholic beverages that means ones that have a large amount of non-alcoholic mixer added. If you’re going for the non-alcoholic option, this glass is perfect for lemonade, iced tea and other juices and pop. Heavy sham is glassware speak for thick base which means that these glasses, although tall, are not going to tip easily.  

        Check out our Glassware buying guides if you want to learn more. 


        Black, gold and stainless steel 3 piece cocktail shakers


        Mercer | Barfly Heavy Weight 3 Piece Cocktail Shaker Set, 18 oz  

        Shake, rattle and pour!  This classic three-part cocktail shaker set is a must have for the barkeep in your life.  Cobbler style, meaning it has a cup that holds a generous 18 oz, a tight fitting lid with an integrated strainer and a cap. You can add the liquids and the ice, shake and pour all from the same set. 

        Built of durable stainless steel, this heavy duty shaker will stand up to busiest of professional bars but is so attractive, they won’t want to put it away. Instead, they’ll keep it on display. 


        Glass carafe with flared lip

        Arcoroc | Glass Carafe, 33.75 oz (6-pack) 

        A great bartender takes pride in all beverages they serve, not just the alcoholic ones.  Glass carafes, like this one from Arcoroc, is a perfect choice for bringing simple elegance to any beverage.  Sure, it can be used to present wine, but how about infused water or Sunday brunch juice blend? 

        Many households have made the switch to making sparkling water at home.  But the plastic containers aren’t overly attractive.  Why not pour into one of these beautiful pieces instead? 

        Great for parties to fill carafes of various beverages as mixer or filled with water and already placed on tables to give the host more time to socialize. 


        5 piece stainless steel bar set and 18 piece deluxe bar set

        Mercer | Barfly 5 Piece Basic Bar Set 

        Mercer | Barfly 18 Piece Deluxe Bar Set 

        Give your wannabe mixologist a delicious start on their journey to becoming a cocktail master.  The 5 Piece Basic Bar Set is a small and simple set, yet able to enhance their ability to make quality classic drinks.  A Boston shaker set (two cups, one larger than the other designed to work together to shake up and cool down beverages), jigger for measuring quantities, bar spoon for those drinks that need a stir and a strainer to get the goodness in the glass and leave the rest behind. 

        Ramp it up and get yourself on their “nice” list (and first served at every event) with the 18 Piece Deluxe Bar Set. Functional yet visually stunning, this set will have your mixologists creative juices flowing. A bar set for the serious mixologist that will have them playing with new recipes for days. Hopefully they ask you to be a taste tester. 



        Martini glass. Two different drinks showcased in the glasses

        Arcoroc | Excalibur Martini Glass (1 DZ) 

        The quintessential glass to showcase a classic cocktail.  Every burgeoning (or well-practiced) mixologist needs a Martini glass in their glassware arsenal.   

        Form and function blend in this attractive glass that can be used for more than just beverages like Martinis, Cosmopolitans or Manhattans. How about salted caramel chocolate mousse, pomegranate studded citrus salad or vanilla bean ice cream with raspberry coulis drizzle? 

        The open wide brim lets the alcohol breath and aroma expand, the long stem keeps warm hands away from the perfectly chilled drink and the cone shape keeps the liquids from separating (trust us, it’s a physics thing).   


        9 oz wine glass with stem

        Steelite | Bormioli Rocco Kalix Wine Glass, 9 oz (1 DZ) 

        Sip worthy!  Sophisticatedly, simple design combined with lasting durability makes this stemmed glass a popular choice for professional dining rooms and bars.   Practical, with a generous bowl capacity, this tempered glass is strong enough for everyday use and is dishwasher safe. 

        A wine glass so beautiful, your mixologist will proudly use them to serve water, infused sparkling beverages and signature cocktails in addition to their favourite vintages. 


        Cocktail stirring glass with textured bottom and pour spout

        Libbey | Carats Cocktail Stirring Glass w Pouring Spout, 25.25 oz (6-pack) 

        Cocktail geeks, like all geeks, love gadgets.  Although this stirring glass is more like a piece of art than a gadget, a tool essential to the craft of preparing the top-notch beverages. Cocktails with mostly spirits, should be stirred (not shaken).  Why not give them a glass where they can stir in style? 

        The heavy base keeps the stirring glass safely in place and durable construction is chip-resistant.  Straight walls offer smooth and fast stirring while the open top reduces splashes when pouring liquids over ice. The integrated pouring spout for precise pouring and large enough to hold spirits and ice with plenty of room to stir. 


        8 oz Champagne Flute

        Steelite | Bormioli Rocco Champagne Flute, 8 oz (1 DZ) 

        Celebrate your love for the mixologist in your life with a set of champagne flutes. A crystal glass that is dishwasher safe, it’s easy to dress the most elegant of tables with this classic design of extraordinary brilliance. 

        Sparkle and shine this holiday season when you pour in Champagne, sparkling wine, flavoured water, brunch mimosas or any spirited bubbles into the amazing stemware. 


        6 compartment, white condiment server for bars

        Vollrath | Condiment Server, 6 Compartment, Stainless Steel 

        Bartenders are really beverage chefs.  And like all chefs, the key to a great service (aka party) is being prepared.  Look no further than this professional quality bar caddy. It’s classic, yet contemporary design will fit into any décor. 

        Sit this convenient condiment dispenser on a bed of ice and fill up the compartments with the accoutrements that helps make your mixologists signature cocktails come alive - olives, wedges of lemons, limes, oranges, pickled onions or cherries.  


        34 oz serving glass bottle. Displayed both empty and with drinks in them

        Steelite | Bormioli Rocco Moresca Bottle, 34 oz (20-pack) 

        They will run out of bottles before they run out of ideas of how to use these attractive glass swing top bottle.  Prepare for a party with pre-chilled water, start a batch of infused spirits or fill with house-made syrups for delectable cocktails. 

        Your bartender will love to use these bottles to serve mix, house wine or specialty juices in style.  The best part is that they can use them over and over again. 


        Rio drink blender and close up shots of its features

          Hamilton Beach | Rio Drink Blender, 48 oz, 1.6 HP, 120 V 

          Vitamix | Drink Machine Two-Speed 64 oz, Countertop Blender 

          Even if their customers are only friends and family, your bartender wants to get drinks into glasses fast. A blender gets it done quickly.  These professional quality blenders are designed for busy restaurants and bars and can surely handle the drink demands at your mixologist’s annual Lime in the Coconut patio party. 

          Think beyond the booze (and brain freeze) and your mixologist can embrace the delicious potential of their blender to make milkshakes, smoothies, slushies, delectably smooth soups and signature sauces. 


          Countertop blender. Various frozen drinks displayed in different cocktail glasses

            Dynamic | Blendpro 1 Countertop Blender, 50 oz 

            Give your mixologist the power to make the best beverages.  There is nothing like a countertop blender for preparing smooth and delicious drinks. Whole fruit juices, Horchata, protein smoothies, lemonade (yes, lemonade, no squeezing), milkshakes are only a press of the button away. 

            Sure, this high performance commercial blender makes a mean blended margarita, frappe, pina colada, daiquiri, frozen bellini, (sorry, we’ll stop, we could go on for awhile) but can also handle dry ingredients to chop, knead, crush and grind.