Gifts for the Pizza Lover

We bet you have at least one pizza lover in your life. Or perhaps almost everyone you know. But we aren’t talking about eating pizza. We are talking about those who love planning, creating, building and serving the perfect slice.    

The ones experimenting with different doughs to find the perfect texture, the ones that lovingly craft sauce from scratch, the ones precisely positioning every topping to achieve the ultimate bite. Because that’s what true pizza lovers do. 

This holiday season, toss some professional quality tools into your cart for the pizza lovers in your life. 

Here’s a list of 18 products chosen by the Pizza Lovers at 


Various sizes and angles of aluminum pizza pan

Browne | Pizza Pan, Aluminum

A staple pan for busy pizzerias. With this simple, coupe-style pizza pan you can prep, bake, cut and serve on the same pan. Light weight, easy to use and simple to clean makes it the perfect choice for those who sling pies day after day. 

Your pizza lover will know this must have pan can be used for more than just pizza – reheating slices, leftover chicken and even baked quesadillas. With many sizes available you will find the perfect one no matter the size of their oven. 

Best for softer crusts. 


3.25" paring knife

Victorinox | Paring Knife, 3.25", Black

Pizza lovers pride themselves on using quality ingredients. Ingredients that don’t arrive “ready to use.” A bit of prep is going to be required – peeling, trimming and slicing.  Paring knife to the rescue!

Easy to use for large and small hands, allowing the chef to stay in complete control. Truly a small chef knife worthy to prepare the ingredients for their signature pies. 


Various sized aluminum perforated pizza pans

Browne | Perforated Pizza Pan, Aluminum

If crispy crust is the preference of your pizza lover(s), this is the pan they want.  A lightweight aluminum pan with many holes. 

These holes allow for air ventilation to reach the crust which causes two things: a crispy crust and decreased cook time. 


aluminum pizza screens

Browne | Pizza Screen, Aluminum

Really, a screen with a rim, these specialty pizza pans create the crispiest crusts in the fastest time.  It has the added bonus of reduced condensation if the finished pizza sits for a bit of time before being served. 

Time is money (and reduces the “how much longer” whines from hungry guests) and baking a pizza on one of these screens is fast but reheating foods is a snap. 


SignatureWares Pizza Paddle

SignatureWares | Fibrewood Pizza Paddle

If your pizza lover is just starting their journey to making the perfect slice, this pizza paddle might be just what they need.  Giving them all the measurements for pizza diameter, cutting guide for evenly sized slices and to help them develop their ultimate pizza topping ratio.

They can prep, cut and serve all on this durable pizza paddle.


Pizza Pan Grippers

Browne | Pizza Pan Gripper, 7.5", Nickel Plated

Help the pizza artist in your life get a good grip on their creations with a pizza pan gripper.  Perfect for safely and securely pulling pans out of the oven and getting them to the counter without mishap. Pan grippers are a must for pizzerias. 

Pizza trays, pizza pans, deep dish, pizza screens and even oven racks can be shifted, turned and moved with pan grippers.  Sure, oven mitts can do the same job, but many times get in the way and can crush rising crusts or accidentally get into perfectly placed toppings. 


Vollrath Traex Box Grater

Vollrath | Traex Dripcut 4 Sided Box Grater, Stainless Steel 

When it comes to graters, it’s hip to be square.  Old school and low tech they may be, however, square graters (also called box graters) are a staple of kitchens big and small for good reason. Easy to use, stable to operate, with two types of shreds (coarse and medium), julienne and slicer and conveniently collects all together inside the box. Your pizza lover will wonder how they operated without this kitchen essential in their life. 

They may even go outside the box with this grater and use it for waaaay more than shredding cheese. 


Edge grain maple paddle board and charcuterie


Labell | Paddle Board, 3/4" Thick, Edge Grain Maple

Presentation is just as important as the quality ingredients, care and detail in building a delicious pie. This Canadian maple paddle board is a perfect choice – practical for everyday use but still add some style when entertaining. 

Your pizza lover will proudly serve their hand stretched smoky potato flatbread with honey thyme drizzle. Or, if they are smart, first put together a charcuterie board to keep family and friends appeased while their pizzas are baked to perfection. 


Dexter Pizza Cutters with different coloured handles

Dexter | Sani-Safe Pizza Cutter, 5" Blade 

Assist your pizza lover in their attempt to achieve the Isosceles – a slice from a perfectly cut pizza.  No tool is more iconic than a pizza cutter.  A professional quality pizza cutter (also called a roller blade or pizza wheel) boasts a comfortable (ergonomic) handle with a finger guard for safety and strong stainless steel blade wheel for smooth and even cutting through various types of crusts. 

Used for more than just slicing ‘za, a pizza cutter is perfect for cutting pastry dough, phyllo, quesadillas and tortillas. Roll on, pizza cutter, roll on! 


Square and round pizza stone

American Metalcraft | Pizza Stone, Rectangle, 15" x 14"

American Metalcraft | Pizza Stone, Round, 15"

As much as your pizza lover would love a commercial pizza oven or outdoor brick oven for baking their pies – budget and space (and spouse) may not allow it. The next best thing is a pizza stone.  Designed to replicate the brick floor of professional ovens and give the crust its signature crispy texture. 

Perfect for high-heat baking that’s needed for pizza, a pizza stone (also called a baking stone) won’t burn the crust before the top is done. That’s because the stone is a poor conductor of heat. 


Different angles of a deluxe pizza peel

Browne | Deluxe Pizza Peel 

A tool from professional kitchens and pizzerias worldwide, a pizza peel is the best utensil for moving whole uncooked and cooked pizzas in and out of a pizza oven. 

The long wood handle stays cool and keeps them safely away from the heat and the thin metal peel (blade) makes it easier to place and remove entire pizzas.  They can even prep pizza directly on the peel. 

Paired with a pizza stone, your pizza lover is one step closer to pizza perfection when you give them this a-peeling gift. 


Acacia melamine serving board, front and back

American Metalcraft | Acacia Melamine Serving Board, 17 3/8" x 9 7/8"

Pizza, however humble, deserves a noble presentation.  Organic edges, textured surfaces and lightly browned accents could describe either a hand-crafted and perfectly cooked pizza or this rustic looking serving board.

With the visual appeal of wood but made of melamine, this serving board is light weight and easy to clean. Your pizza lover will be using it for more than just showcasing their latest creation. 


Green Borner VPower Mandoline Slicer

Swissmar | Borner VPower Mandoline Slicer

From paper thin slices of zucchini and diced onion to julienned beets, a mandoline can help your pizza lover plough through prep quickly.  Batch prepping pizzas for a party?  No problem.  Serving a julienned salad to accompany their latest pizza creation?  Yes, a mandoline can help with that. 

Easy to use and clean with the convenience of 10 different cuts from the same unit, your pizza lover will wonder how they’ve done without one for so long.   


Browne Deep Dish Pizza Pans |

Browne | Deep Dish Pizza Pan, Straight Sided, Aluminum

Give your pizza lover the pan they need to try out some Chicago-style pizza recipes!  Simply referred to as deep dish pizza, a pizza pan with sides is imperative to achieve the high edge crust typical of this type of pizza. 

With the tall crust edges, a deep dish pizza looks more like a pie than a pizza.  Which is good if you love toppings, because your pizza lover can layer them on thick!




Signaturewares stock pot

SignatureWares | Stock Pot, Stainless Steel 

Stir up your pizza lover’s sauce game with a professional quality pot and lid.  This heavy-duty stainless steel pot can handle any type of sauce.  Exceptionally durable with a thick base means they can simmer their secret sauce all day long. 

Give them the tools to do it like the professionals and prep ahead in big batches. Maybe start dropping hints that you’d love a jar or two or three of their delectable sauce. 

If their batches are smaller, check out SignatureWares | Sauce Pan, Stainless Steel instead. 


7" Immersion Blender. Blade and shaft

Waring | 7” Light-Duty Quik Stik Immersion Blender

Get saucy! Sure, the crust of a pizza is important, but most of the flavour of a pizza comes from the sauce. So, if their attention to detail includes making sauces and drizzles from scratch, an immersion blender is likely on their wish list. 

This must-have tool of professional kitchens everywhere, can give their secret tomato sauce the perfect texture, make a smooth butternut squash soup or a raspberry-cranberry coulis – all right in the pot or bowl! 


Commercial lift stand mixer, 8 qt bowl and 3 attachments

Kitchenaid | Commercial Series 8-Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer

Feel the knead.  The knead for speed. Power when you need it (pun intended), but quiet enough for the home kitchen, this stand mixer is a thing of beauty. If your pizza lover is serious about dough or wants to take their hobby to a professional level, they would love this mixer. 

Ready to start working right out of the box this versatile mixer comes with a spiral dough hook, flat beater and stainless steel wire whip with added safety features that include a stainless steel bowl guard and speed control protection to prevent accidentally turning on the mixer. 

The smooth and easy bowl lift gives the best support for large loads and offers better bowl contact (for you non-bakers/pizza makers that means it gets really close to the bowl for better kneading, mixing, beating and whipping and means less scraping and checking). 


Combination cutter and continuous feed food processor. Explains blade safety

Waring | 3.5 qt Combination Bowl Cutter Mixer & Continuous-Feed Food Processor w/ Liquilock

Who doesn’t wish they had an extra set of hands in the kitchen?  Your pizza lover will be on cloud pizza when they unwrap this professional food processor. 

Built for commercial kitchens, this unit can undoubtedly handle anything your pizza lover needs help with.  It may even give them the boost and confidence to take their pizza making game to the masses. 

With 20 processing options including blending sauces, dressings and drizzles to slicing, dicing and shredding this unit can handle all the prep for your pizza artist’s recipes from start to finish. Everything they need to start helping with prep – right out of the box.