Home Organization with Commercial Utility Carts and Shelving

Organize at home with commercial utility carts and commercial shelving

It may seem odd to shop for home organization tools at ChefEquipment.com but we promise you won’t be disappointed. The items we offer that help keep your living spaces neat and tidy were built to withstand the repeated use and abuse of busy commercial kitchens so they are more than capable of handling whatever your family and friends throw on it. Plus, they’re easy to keep clean. 

Sure, utility carts and shelving are perfect for kitchen and pantry storage, but these organization and transport essentials can seamlessly have a place inside and outside your home.  

Commercial Utility Carts 

The word utility in utility carts should give you a clue about their purpose. As they are always in the state of being useful and beneficial.  Available in many sizes, materials and price points.   

Remember, these carts are built for commercial spaces and therefore need to be strong, sturdy and durable. That type of construction is going to be more expensive but the cart is going to last for years and even decades. 

If you want more details and how they are used in foodservice check out our Utility Cart Buying Guide. 

Different commercial utility carts

10 Ways to Use Commercial Utility Carts 

1. Closets 

Easily navigate the depths of your closets using a utility cart.  A non-permanent option that allows you to maximize closet space.  Moving the cart in and out of the closet as needed gives you easy access to all corners of the closet. 

In a bedroom closet, a cart gives you instant shelves for shoes, accessories and hand bags but still keeps them in view. Plus, they’re easy to move out of the way if you need to have a deep dive into your closet contents. 

2. Toys and Games

Setting up a toy room seems like a great idea because it keeps toys in the same place.  But we all know that toys end up in whatever room you are in, because that is where the kids want to be.  So why not set up a mobile toy station? With storage containers that fit on the shelves, toys are close at hand and the kids know where they go when it’s time to sing the cleanup song. 

Maybe the grandparents would also appreciate a cart that can be put away when the grandkids go home. 

Is games night a regular feature at your house?  A games cart with everything you need that’s easy to wheel out and get into the first game faster maximizes fun time.  Easily tuck it away until next time. 

3. Laundry 

Not everyone is fortunate to have a large laundry room where everything has its place.  Create instant laundry storage with a utility cart.  Permanently store laundry soap, fabric softeners, fabric cleaners on a shelf and still have the top for moving laundry baskets around your house or between your apartment and the basement laundry room. 

4. Cleaning

Professional housekeepers are quick and efficient.  Part of the reason is that all of their tools are within reach and move with them from room to room.  Make cleaning easier at your house with a cleaning cart – maybe your family will even fight over who gets to clean next if they get to drive the cart! 

5. Kitchen 

Too many kitchen appliances? No place for a permanent bar? Your latest obsession using a smoker? Utility cart to the rescue!  Small, compact, convenient and easy to clean, every foodie needs one of these. 

Use a utility cart to have a Baker’s Bar ready to go whenever you get a craving to bake something delicious.  Strong enough to hold your stand mixer, baking tools, and ingredients together; ready for your next baking frenzy but quickly put away when not in use. 

Add a tablecloth and you have an instant side bar for your next party. 

6. Garage 

Moving stuff around the garage can be tiring (and dirty) work.  Why not take a load off with a cart?  Or even store items permanently.  Do you love to keep your vehicles clean and tidy? Store all of your supplies on a utility cart and wheel it in the garage or out to the driveway. 

Items like recycling bins, empties that need to be returned and borrowed tools tend to get shuffled around the garage with the best of intentions to keep them organized. Using a cart will keep these items within view so you don’t forget but can still be easily moved out of the way. 

7. Dorm Rooms 

No matter the size of your dorm room or bedroom in a shared space, there is never enough space.  You basically have your entire life within the four walls.  A utility cart is a valuable investment for any student.  A moveable closet, makeshift table or island, extra desk top space or mini pantry. 

8. Patio and Garden 

Set up a simple party station on your patio in minutes using a utility cart. Keep gardening tools, soil and pots ready and able to move. 

9. Crafts 

Whatever you or your family are crafting it takes copious amounts of this and that to create.  Keep it neat and tidy and easy to put away using a utility cart.  Lower shelves provide ample storage and the top shelf can be used as an extra work area when the creating gets serious. 

10. Office 

More and more people are working permanently from a home office.  A utility cart may be the best solution to your storage and work area problem.  At the end of the work day, simply move it out of the way.  Or quickly move the location of your office to dining room or kitchen table or even out to the patio with a moving work station. 

Commercial Shelving 

Heavy duty and durable, commercial shelving can take a load off.  With some able to hold up to 600 lb per shelf, it can carry whatever you need.  With the option of casters, this moveable storage becomes even more valuable and convenient. 

For our wire shelves/racks, you decide what you need – the height of the posts and the number of shelves you need. 

Commercial wire shelving

5 Ways to Use Commercial Shelving 

1. Basement 

When your stuff gets stored in the basement, make sure it has a place to go. Wire shelving is perfect for basement environments as it permits air flow and if you’re using shelves with an epoxy coating, the shelves can handle damp spaces without rusting. 

Shelves keep your valuable possessions off the floor and safe. 

2. Garage 

Seasonal storage is necessary when you live in Canada.  Winter and summer tires, sports equipment for every season, snow shovels, watering cans, planters, buckets of balls, whatever your family is into; pack them onto sturdy shelves and move them out of the way until next season. 

Open wire shelving is perfect for adding hooks to hang items and draping items over the wires and allows air flow to keep things dry and clean. 

3. Pantry 

Turn any closet into a pantry with commercial wire shelving units.  For a permanent option choose ones with feet or if you want your pantry to move, use casters. 

Seasonally, your pantry may need to be bigger.  Especially if you enjoy canning and preserving.  Using a commercial shelf (designed for foodservice) is a great way to keep all your jars, lids and canning supplies together and then you can fill up those same shelves with your delicious creations. 

4. Closets 

Instant storage solutions that don’t need to be permanently installed. And think beyond bedroom closets.  Open shelving is perfect for storing linens and towels as air circulation keeps the materials fresh.

That front closet or mud room closet is big enough but always a disaster.  Roll in a shelving until to get boots and shoes organized and add bucket to put mitts, toques and scarves.

5. Projects 

Any project, no matter the size needs stuff.  And that stuff can come from many directions.  Why not use a dedicated shelving unit to gather all the tools and supplies you need and keep them together until your project is finished. 

If decorating for holidays - Christmas, Easter and Halloween - is a project for your house, a movable commercial shelf might be the answer to keep it all together.

Home organization is a constant battle.  But you can win the war. With commercial utility carts and shelving you can stack, rack and roll your living spaces into shape.