Vollrath. Foodservice Innovators

Vollrath. A 150 Year Old Family Company.

In 1874 Jacob J. Vollrath founded the Sheboygan Cast Steel Co. in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. At the time, it produced railroad frogs, small cast parts for the furniture industry, cooking ranges and agricultural implements. In 1900, the focus switched to cooking utensils and enamel cookware, which was the beginning of Vollrath’s journey to becoming an industry leader in commercial foodservice. 


Still privately held and family-owned, the current owners are women of the sixth and seventh generation of the founding family that continue to be innovators in providing stainless steel small wares and cooking equipment to home and commercial kitchens.

You may not realize it but, at some point today, you likely made contact with a product either made or impacted by Vollrath. Whether you were dining at a local restaurant, bustling through a busy airport, cheering on your favorite team at a sports venue, you were in the company of Vollrath.

The diverse Vollrath product range includes; food preparation equipment, induction cooking equipment, cold beverage equipment, aluminium and stainless steel cookware, practical colour-coded kitchen utensils including allergen safety tools, stylish buffet ware, dispensing and serving tools and much more.

A Sustainable Foodservice Manufacturer

Vollrath doesn’t just have a rich history; it also wants to ensure they and you have a prosperous future. That’s why they have taken numerous steps in recent years to ensure its operations are more sustainable. They eliminated pallet waste by making intracompany shipments with reusable plastic pallets, and cut the particulate emissions from its Sheboygan factory to zero. 

Cooling water from one part of the process is used in another and paper that comes wrapped around the steel coils the company uses in manufacturing is reused as packaging filler.

When it comes to products, Vollrath’s primary goal is to create more efficient equipment and products that will last longer to avoid replacement, use recyclable materials, and tools to help reduce waste.

Among the eco-friendly features in some of their most common products are:

  • Commercial induction cooktops are approximately 40 percent more efficient than standard gas and electric ranges.
  • Cayenne Heat Strips have a larger warming area, allowing for use of lower-wattage elements that use less energy. 
  • Super Pan V and Super Pan 3 steam table pans have flat edges that keep steam from escaping, making them 38 percent more efficient than bent-edge models.

    ChefEquipment.com is proud to be the largest Canadian dealer of Vollrath foodservice equipment. Given their long history and innovative thinking it was an easy decision to partner with them.