Gifts for the Coffee/Tea Lover

Coffee or tea?  It's a question asked everywhere in the world, everyday.  Is there a wrong answer?  Absolutely not! You like what you like, but we are certain there are some in your circle of friends or family that border on fanatical in their love for either coffee or tea (or maybe even both).  It is not just about the sip for them; it's about the process they are constantly fine-tuning. It's about the ritual - how they start their day, how they end a meal, how they end their day. It's a real thing for them. 

The coffee enthusiasts and tea connoisseurs in your life will rejoice when they receive professional quality tools to brew, pour and savour the perfect cup. Hopefully they brewed too much and have a cup or two to share with you. 

Here's a list of 18 products recommended by the Coffee/Tea Lovers at


London Sip | Gooseneck Kettle with Thermometer

The precision of this spectacular gooseneck kettle will be appreciated by either a tea or coffee lover.  In case you didn't know, boiling water is not precise enough for them, so the integrated thermometer on the lid is sure to please.  Why the weird pouring spout, you might ask. Pouring control is imperative for the perfect pour-over coffee or properly steeped loose leaf tea.  It ensure every coffee ground or leaf is properly saturated with water for the ultimate flavour extraction.

With a comfortable, heat resistant handle and a stainless steel body, we expect this kettle will be on display when not in use. 


Browne | Creamer, Stainless Steel

Let them pour that little something - milk, cream, oat milk, almond milk, yak milk from the Himalayan Mountains - they love into their tea or coffee using these simple creamers.  Yes, we know, they are called creamers, but they can put whatever they want in there.

The flat lip offers easy pouring, the stainless steel construction is strong and easy to clean; not to mention it looks good with any decor.


Service Ideas Classic Tea Press

Service Ideas | Classic Tea Press, 20 oz

When company comes over, your tea lover will delight in bringing out this ball-style classic tea press. The glass bowl, with stainless steel holder (added strength and safety), will showcase their beautiful Elderberry and Hibiscus blend.

With lots of room in the steeping basket, your tea lover can leaves and tisanes that need space to expand for full flavour extraction.  When steeping is done, simply press the plunger (hence the name tea press) to move the leaves down to the bottom of the basket to where they are not any holes and the infusion stops.


Vollrath Heavy Duty Measuring Spoons

Vollrath | Heavy Duty Measuring Spoon

Not your usual measuring spoon.  The long handle with comfortable grip makes it easy to reach into tall jars and containers to scoop out perfectly sized coffee grounds or their favourite Irish Breakfast tea.

The spoons are crafted using one-piece of heavy duty stainless steel with the capacity highly visible on the front of the handle.  With three sizes available, they can measure the exact amount needed for the perfect mug (or cup).


Service Ideas Frothing Pitchers

Service Ideas | Classic Frothing Pitcher

Whether they prefer a classic London Fog (Earl Grey latte) or a simple cappuccino, a frothing pitcher is what they need to steam and build frothed milk. This frothing pitcher, also called a frothing cup, is constructed using 18/8 stainless steel making it strong while making it easy to clean and even dishwasher safe.

Incremental graduated measurements on the inside and outside ensure your barista is only pouring the amount of milk needed - less waste.  The indent on the top of the pitcher by the handle allows a thermometer to rest out of the way.  Yes, they will want a thermometer, too (see the next item).


Taylor Hot Beverage and Frothing Thermometer

Taylor | Instant Read Dial Hot Beverage and Frothing Thermometer

Frothing or steaming milk? They will want a thermometer. Especially if they are new to the steaming and frothing game.  Why?  A thermometer ensures that the milk reaches optimal temperature without burning.

This thermometer, specifically for hot beverages and frothing milk is a great option.  Simple to use with an easy-to-read dial that shows the optimum temperature zone for best frothing. The protective sleeve keeps the stem protected when not in use.


London Sip Coffee Dripper Black Ceramic

London Sip | Coffee Dripper, Black Ceramic

A coffee dripper, also called a pour-over manual coffee brewer, is the simplest way to make a barista-quality cup of coffee at home - minimal effort or clean up. This version from London Sip is made of high quality ceramic - thermal shock resistant and reduces heat loss during the brewing process.

Brew the perfect cup directly into their mug or insulated tumbler.


iSi Profi Whip Cold Applications 1 qt

iSi | Profi Whip, 1 qt

Beverages, hot and cold, level up when this whipped cream dispenser is added to the coffee and tea lovers tool repertoire.  An over-the-top Hot Chocolate, a delightful Irish Coffee or Chai with a Masala Chai Tea with Honey Cardamon infused Whipped Cream topping are sure to thrill both the barista and the sipper. Are you thirsty yet?

We bet that this easy to use professional whipped cream dispenser will get used for more than just beverages. Remember the N20 whip chargers (sold separately)!


London Sip Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

London Sip | Manual Burr Coffee Grinder

On a scale of awesomeness, the scent of freshly ground coffee is off the charts. Perfect for the home javaphile, this ceramic and stainless steel manual coffee grinder is just the right size.  Easy to hold with an anti-slip grip and a large handle for smooth turning, your coffee lover can dial the grind size to their sweet spot depending how they prefer to brew the perfect cup.  


Service Ideas Tea Pot Ball-Shaped Ceramic, 16 oz

Service Ideas | Tea Pot, Ball-Shaped, 16 oz

Sitting down to a spot of tea is a necessary daily (and sometimes multiple times a day) ritual for many.  It's a time to stop, take a breath and regroup.  Maybe a time to chat with friends and family about the day's events, a time to quietly finish that book or even to just look out the window and contemplate what's for supper.

This unique tea pot can be used for tea bags or loose-leaf tea.  The brew basket is above the water once you've poured that first delicious cup. With two sizes and colours available, we have the right one to ante up their tea service.

TEA TIP: Before making your tea, add boiling water to the tea pot and let rest for a few minutes to heat up the ceramic. Then pour the hot water into tea cups to warm them up.  Your tea will stay hot for longer in the pot and your cup!


London Sip Stovetop Espresso Maker, 3 Cup

London Sip | Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker, 3 cup

For those home baristas looking for a budget friendly way to brew an espresso, we have just the thing - a stovetop espresso coffee maker.  Also called a moka pot, this gorgeous espresso maker can be used on all types of stovetops. The large heat-resistant handle is comfortable to grab and pour and the steam safety valve keeps your barista protected.

Available in three sizes and multiple colours, they can serve all of their guests in delicious caffeinated style.


Danesco Cup and Saucer Sets

Danesco | Cappuccino Cup & Saucer Set, 5 oz

To build the perfect cup of coffee or tea, size does matter. By size, we mean the capacity or the amount of liquid it will hold.  A 5 oz is great for cappuccino, coffee and some teas, but maybe consider giving them a 3 oz if they enjoy espresso or Pu-erh tea or how about a jumbo 18 oz cup and saucer set if lattes are their go-to beverage.

Sold as individual sets containing one cup and one saucer, you can mix and match sizes to get them the combination they need for their at-home coffee or tea service.  And the classic white ceramic will match all types of decors.  Hopefully they get the hint that the accompanying saucer could hold a hazelnut orange biscotti...and a spoon.


Service Ideas Brick French Press

Service Ideas | Brick French Press

Channel the feeling and flavour of French cafés and bistros with this stunning cafetière.  A simple design, a French press delivers exquisite flavours for either coffee or loose-leaf teas.  In less than 5 minutes you can brew a cup or two of coffee without the need for electricity or a disposable filter. The beautiful brick pattern of the protective stainless steel adds charm to a coffee service. 

If your barista has requests for various strengths of coffee, consider giving them a couple of the small ones, then each pot can be brewed perfectly. 


Thermos Push Button Thermal Carafe

Thermos | Push Button Vacuum Carafe

Sometimes your coffee enthusiast or tea connoisseur wants to step out of the kitchen and social.  We know, it's shocking, why don't they want to be our personal baristas? However, they are not willing to compromise on the quality of their beverages.  So, why not give them a gift that helps them come to the table, with a Vacuum Carafe.

This double insulated carafe can keep hot liquids hot for up to 6 hours.  Yes, we said 6 hours.  Plenty of socializing and sipping time there!  And means they can have their special brew ready before you even arrive.  


London Sip Cold Brew Immersion Coffee Maker

London Sip | Cold Brew Immersion Coffee Maker

Their cold coffee game will be forever changed with this cold brew immersion coffee maker by London Sip.  Your coffee aficionado will love being able to make large batches of cold brew coffee with just a few seconds of prep. Once steeped, simply remove the filter and leave in the fridge for that hit of cold caffeine anytime of day!

The entire unit comes apart easily for effortless cleaning.

COFFEE TIP: Want your coffee even colder? Use your cold brew coffee to make coffee ice cubes.  You get that extra chill without diluting the flavour.


Service Ideas Round Serving Tray with Anti Skid Removeable Insert

Service Ideas | Round Serving Tray

Even if your coffee/tea lovers are only serving family and friends, they deserve to do so in style!  A ridiculously elegant yet practical serving tray is just what they need.  Stainless steel matches and even enhances any decor and the black non-slip insert means mugs, cups, tea pots and creamers are safe and secure.

Both the tray and insert are dishwasher safe and the brushed stainless steel hides fingerprints.  If they need more than one - one for coffee, one for tea - these beautiful trays are stackable, too!


Barista Bar Cloth Set

Rhino Coffee Gear | Barista Cloth Set

Get them one step closer to feeling like a professional barista with this four piece cloth set.  The brown and black cloths are perfect to wiping and cleaning coffee and grounds (no bleaching necessary when washing), the brown cloth has a clip for hooking on a belt or apron for easy access.  The two blue cloths are perfect for cleaning steam wands - make the clothes slightly damp to remove milk residue and steaming and or frothing any type of milk.


Ascaso Dream One Espresso Maker

Ascaso | Dream One Espresso Machine

We know. It is magnificent! Worthy of a jaw drop, a cup rattle or an out loud, "wow".  The retro chic look would be stunning in any kitchen and will soon be the pride and joy of your barista.  Oh, and it would also get you on the nice list for at least a decade!

A professional style espresso machine designed for home kitchens, this aesthetically pleasing Ascaso unit is made with high-quality materials and uses modern technology to pull the perfect shot of espresso.