Sammic | CK-45V Combi Food Processor, 5.8 qt, 3 HP, 120V

SKU: 218C/1050770

BARCODE: 400012675652

VENDOR: Sammic

$8,025.05 CAD

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The Combi CK-45V will quickly become your kitchen's best friend.  It can slice, chop, julienne, mix, emulsify and crush.  Simply choose either the vegetable prep attachment or food processor to blast through your to-do list.

The same motor base is used for the processor and vegetable prep attachment which are easily exchanged without the need for tools.  The powerful 3 Hp motor has a speed range of 300 - 3000 rpm giving you complete control but still built to be lightweight and compact; quiet, airtight and space-saving.

Food Processor

With the 5.5 qt stainless steel bowl, serrated blade and lid with integrated scaper you can start mixing, chopping, pureeing, mincing, crushing and blending right away.  

The advanced control panel is easy to use and provides complete control.  Program for time, adjust motor speed, pulse or reverse.  Yes, reverse!  Why? You've made cookie dough in the food processor; use the reverse function to mix in the chocolate chips without cutting/chopping into smaller pieces.

Cut&Mix, which is built-in the lid, scrapes down the sides of the bowl without needing to stop and open the lid. 

Optional smooth blade or perforated blade available for even more versatility.

Vegetable Prep


Slice, dice, julienne or chip through 400 - 1300 lb of vegetables per hour with the large capacity vegetable prep head.

Your staff will love the intuitive control panel, ergonomic one arm motion and the easily removable lever and lid for cleaning. The large capacity hopper allows for whole products, like cabbage, or a larger quantity of items to be added at once.  But still includes a smaller central hopper and pusher.  This model has a force control system, meaning it will tell the operator if too much force is being used to push down on the product.  Consistent force = uniform quality.

Processed product is directed and exits (using a high ejector) to the side of the unit, reducing the amount of work surface required, minimizing splash and optimizing workflow.

You can achieve the exact cut you need (more than 70 different options) using the wide range of discs and grids available.  Sold separately from the CK-45V, you pick and chose the best disc and grid combinations for your specific needs.

Combi CK-45V includes motor block, large capacity vegetable preparation head, 5.5 qt food processor bowl, food processor lid with built-in bowl scraper, and serrated blade.

Sammic | CK-45V Combi Food Processor, 5.8 qt, 3 HP, 120V

Sammic | CK-45V Combi Food Processor, 5.8 qt, 3 HP, 120V

$8,025.05 CAD