Gifts for the Home Chef

Gifts for the Home Chef 

Chefs are givers. They plan, shop, prep, cook and serve meal after meal day after day with the sole purpose of giving it away. They love watching their friends, family and guests enjoy and savour their culinary creations.   

Every chef - from those dreaming of their own restaurant to professionals that serve hundreds of meals a day - is also a home chef. 

In the spirit of giving, serve them quality professional tools from their wish list. 

Here’s a list of 18 products chosen by the Home Chefs at 


2 oz sauce cup, one handle and two handle

Browne | Sauce Cup, 2 oz, Stainless Steel


Get saucy! Going well beyond a request for “dressing on the side, please” these sauce cups can always serve up that little something.  From a selection of house-made butters to accompany their famous focaccia to a truffle aioli for hand cut fries these simply designed cups work well. 

Great for portion control and those little guests that always seem to need dip for everything. 

Easy to hold with the option of single or double handles, these stainless steel cups can hold hot and cold sauces and dips and go great with every decor. Even better, they are dishwasher safe. 


3.25" paring knife

Victorinox | Paring Knife, 3.25", Black 

Chefs pride themselves on using quality ingredients.  Ingredients that don’t arrive “ready to use”.  Nothing compares to using a paring knife for peeling, trimming and intricate prep work. 

Easy to use for small and large hands, allowing the chef to stay in complete control.  Truly a small chef knife worthy to prepare the ingredients for their signature dishes. 


Stainless steel straight sided fry cup, both smooth and textured with fries in them, and mini fry baskets filled. One empty other is filled with food

American Metalcraft | Straight Sided Fry Cup, 14 oz, Stainless Steel

American Metalcraft | Mini Fry Basket, Square, 4" x 4" x 3", Stainless Steel

Shoestring, wedges, crinkle cut, julienne, coins, with the skin or without. However your chef prepares their fries, they deserve to be presented with the same quality and attention to detail they put into preparing them. 

Serving a side dish has never been so easy or stylish. Perfect for more than fries, these baskets can be used for arancini, jalapeno poppers, breaded dill pickles or black bean fritters. 

Remember the dip cups!  


Stainless steel serving pail, various sizes with handle

American Metalcraft | Mini Stainless Steel Serving Pail

Whether they’re for buffet tables, bar set up or individual servings, these mini serving pails add style.  If your chef loves preparing seafood platters, a set of these would be sincerely appreciated. But they’re not just for platters. They’re also great for bread sticks, crispy flatbreads, tortilla chips or freshly seasoned popcorn or even a bouquet of fresh herbs for a center piece.

Buckets of fun and flavour! 


Precision tongs/tweezers. Straight, curved and offset design

Browne | Precision Tongs/Tweezers, 8"

If your chef embraces their inner Da Vinci when plating meals, they surely have at least one set of these specialty tongs on their list. 

An extension of their hands, tweezers can delicately and precisely place ingredients and accoutrements.  Getting the right amount of microgreens on top of the smoked trout crostini, the violet petals on the meticulously prepared petit four or the perfectly placed orange zest curl in their signature Old Fashioned.  Those details matter to them. It’s those precise details that make a good cocktail a great one. 


Zester Graters, red and black handle. Operator is grating cheese over pasta

Microplane | Premium Classic Series Zester Grater, 12", Soft Touch Handle

Microplane | Elite Series Zester with Catcher

As razor sharp as your chef in the kitchen, these zesters (also called a rasp grater) are top of the line.  Able to zest all the flavour from citrus fruit peels, grate ginger, make fine light shreds of hard cheeses and even grate chocolate.

Small pieces mean maximum distribution. Maximum distribution means best flavour.  The ultimate goal of all chefs. Other than the ooohs and aaaahs from their guests, of course. 


Black blade and handle scraper spatula

Zwilling | TWIN Cuisine Scraper Spatula

Another extension of every chef’s hand – novice to professional – a scraper spatula is an indispensable utensil in the kitchen.

An all-purpose spatula with stainless steel construction with silicone blade and ergonomic non-slip handle, your chef can get a good grip while getting every last bit out of every bowl, pot and pan. And dishwasher safe – another indispensable feature for busy chefs. 


10-1/2" chef bowl

Dudson | Arcoroc Eternity Plus Chef's Bowl, 10 1/2"

The delectable scents that come from the kitchen can pull us in.  And as much as we would be okay eating right out of the pot or pan, that won’t work.

For many chefs, presentation is just as important as the time, care and attention that went into creating their meals.  Sure, it seems like just a bowl to you, but your chef only sees delicious possibilities. 


Offset bread knife with serrated blade

Mercer | Millennia Offset Bread Knife, Wavy Edge, Black

If your chef also dabbles in the pastry arts making homemade bread or picks up an artisanal loaf at the market every week, they absolutely need a great bread knife.  

A bread knife with an offset handle means no more scraping knuckles on the cutting board when slicing.  The long, serrated blade (which means it has jagged teeth) effortlessly bites into the crust and delicately slices the soft interior.  

They can also use this knife for paper thin slices of juicy ripe fresh garden tomatoes and citrus fruits.  Really any delicate foods that you don’t want to crush the centres. 


Various coloured knife roll with 7 knives displayed in black case

Mercer | Knife Roll with 7 Pockets

Home chefs aren’t bound by their kitchen walls.  Give them a gift that will safely take their show on the road.  Enough pockets for your chef to gradually add to their arsenal of professional knives, attractively stored and always ready for a kitchen battle. It’s also a subtle way of saying, “These knives are mine! Hands off!” or to keep them out of the hands of those disinclined to acquiesce to your request to follow proper knife usage and care.

Chop, wash (sanitize) and roll! 


Green Borner VPower Mandoline Slicer

Swissmar | Borner VPower Mandoline Slicer

Give your home chef the sous chef they’ve always dreamed of – a mandoline.  From paper thin slices of pears, diced onion and julienned beets, a mandoline can help your chef plough through prep quickly. Portobello mushroom scalloped potatoes come together like magic with this simple classic kitchen tool.

Easy to use and clean with the convenience of 10 different cuts from the same using, your chef will wonder how they’ve done without one for so long. 


3 Pocket bib apron for chefs

Blackwood | Templeton 3 Pocket Bib Apron

Show your chef you know who’s in charge in the kitchen when you give them an apron designed for professionals.  A casual, trendy style will protect clothes and will hold essential chef tools – phone, paper/pen and thermometer. And to be clear, the phone is necessary for photos not for texting that the food is ready.

Your chef quickly turns from chef to dinner companion when they can quickly remove their apron – but they might not want to take it off. 


Aluminum whipped cream dispenser

    Browne | Whipped Cream Dispenser, Aluminum

    Chef, pastry chef, cook, baker, barista or bartender, however your chef thinks of themselves this secret weapon can up their food game.  Simple to use with sweet and savoury applications, this dispenser can make whipped cream, airy sauces, espumas, foams and mousses in seconds.

    Pour the sauce into the container, charge it up with a cylinder of compressed gas and press the nozzle. The compressed gas mixes and aerates the liquid and forces it through the nozzle.  The final look is determined by which decorative nozzle.  It’s kitchen science (and theatre) your chef will love to show off.  

    Remember the charging cartridges! 


    Rectangle tray. Cheesecake dessert is presented on white rectangle plate

      Steelite | Varick Rectangle Tray (1 DZ)

      Every artist loves a blank canvas and chefs are food artists at heart.  So, this holiday, give them a gift they can build a masterpiece on. 

      Tray, plate or platter, whatever you call it, this commercial quality piece will soon become a favourite for displaying breakfast, lunch, dinner and appetizers. This tray has a durable glaze to increase protection against markings and is built to resist thermal shock. It’s a versatile piece that’s dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven save (up to 425°F). 


      Red handled butcher knife. Knife is next to raw red meat

        F. Dick | Red Spirit Ajax Chef/Butcher Knife, 8", Red

        Your chef will want an audience to show off both their skills and this knife when they unwrap it this holiday season. An example of the perfect combination of form and function, the Ajax knife’s unique blade shape lends itself to most tasks in the kitchen.

        The qualities of a cleaver combined with a chef knife allow this knife blade to handle meat, poultry and fish, fruits, vegetables and even delicate herbs. 


        Multiple angle shots of induction and regular frying pan

          AMT | Induction Frying Pan

          AMT | Frying Pan

          Designed to handle the extraordinary stresses of professional kitchens, this pan can fry, simmer, sauté and poach whatever your chef throws its way.  Built under strict quality control, this pan is not your typical non-stick pan. Their Lotan® non-stick coating is so good, that it takes less water to rinse and clean after use – how many pans can say that?  

          They even have a warranty on the flatness of the pan base.  Trust us, a flat base is important.  Ask your chef. 


          Straight back chef knife with black handle and 3 rivets

            Zwilling | Pro Chef Knife, Straight Back, Black

            A serious knife for serious kitchen work.  Durable and functional, this professional quality knife is forged from a single piece of stainless steel and ice-hardened to retain sharpness.

            Designed for the chef that uses both the rocking motion of Western style of cutting and the Asian chopping motion, this blade is versatile enough to go from slicing and dicing meat and fish to chopping herbs and cutting vegetables.  Washing and sanitizing in between, of course. 


            6.5" Nakiri Knife with black Pakka handle

              Zwilling | Miyabi 5000 FC-D Nakiri Knife, 6.5", Pakka Black

              A knife that makes a statement.  A Nakiri knife is a specialty Japanese style chef knife used for preparing vegetables.  This knife has the heft of a cleaver without the broadness and the thin double beveled blade.  Mince garlic, cut ribbons of daikon of deal with a head of cabbage with this piece of art.

              Designed with the beautiful black Pakka wood handle, red accent ring, end cap and eye-catching Damascus design on the blade, it’s possible they may only put this knife on display.  But more likely they will take it right to the kitchen and start pulling out vegetables.