Gifts for the Baker

Baking is an art and a science.  Likely why so many people from amateurs to professionals are so passionate about baking.  From simple to extremely detailed and elaborate creations, baking can be something you can dabble in or jump in with both feet and build a career on.  Mrs Fields, Betty Crocker, Sara Lee...yeah, you could definitely build a career. 

Bakers are givers.  So, this holiday season (or just because they are amazing) why not give them what they want? 

Whether it’s for fun or profit, every baker in your life deserves quality professional tools that make their passion come to life. 

Here's a list of 18 products recommended by the bakers at


8 piece decorating and piping set with 10" piping bag


Ateco | 8 Piece Piping Tip and Decorating Set with 10" Flex Bag  

Who doesn’t want toys they can play with? Give your baker tools that bring out the kid in them.  Even better, give them to a kid and bring out the baker in them.  This is a great starter set for those bakers wanting to dabble in design. 

From decorating cakes, cupcakes or cookies to using the various piping tips to imprint unique designs on all kinds of dough, this set is sure to light their imagination on fire. 


Rectangular footed grate, stainless steel


Browne | Footed Grate, Rectangular 

Lift their baking to new heights with a footed grate.  Your baker can cool, ice, glaze and crisp with ease using a wire cooling rack (sometimes called a donut screen).  They can set them on the counter or place them in bun pans or food pans. 

Air can easily circulate under and around baked goods during baking or for cooling.  Excess icing or glaze can drip through and be collected in pans. 

Let’s just say this grate is great! 


Translucent Bun Pan Cover. Cookies with cover over it and an operator grabbing a bun pan cover from stack


Vollrath | Bun Pan Cover, Translucent 

Protect your baker’s precious creations and give them some sheet pan covers.  Designed to cover Vollrath’s Wear-Ever bun pans, they easily snap into place to preserve freshness while still being able to see what is inside. 

Need to refrigerate cookies before baking?  Cover and cool.  Need to make 10 dozen tea biscuits for Aunt Susan’s annual Bridge Club Dinner Party? Bake them early, cover and stay fresh.  Cut down on the waste and give them these versatile bun pan covers. 


SignatureWares Bun Pan Liners


SignatureWares | Silicone Bun Pan Liner/Baking Mat 

Save your baker some time (and help the environment) by adding one (or many) of these silicone bun pan liners to their stocking.  There is no need to grease bun pans, baking sheets or cookie sheets and parchment paper becomes obsolete when you use these naturally non-stick liners that can be reused up to 2000 times!  

This liner can withstand temperatures ranging from -22°F to 446°F taking it from freezer to oven and all the places in between.  Professional bakers use this food grade silicone baking mat for rolling and moving dough.  


Vollrath colour coded dishers and scooping cookie dough


Vollrath | Color-Coded Squeeze Disher 

The secret to baking the best cookies and muffins is using a disher.  A disher, also called a portion scoop, is an indispensable tool for pastry chefs. Every portion of batter is exactly the same amount and therefore they all bake evenly. Whether they make cookies that are bite-sized or as large as your hand, we have the right sized disher - 15 sizes to chose from!

The stainless steel scoop is strong and durable while the handle is comfortable and ergonomic to reduce hand fatigue and can be used by both right and left handed bakers. The colour coding for each capacity makes it easy to grab the right one every time.  


Signaturewares Bun Pans


SignatureWares | Bun Pan, Aluminum 20 Gauge

Your baker will wear out before these bun pans do!  Built to withstand the rigours of busy foodservice kitchens, these workhorses can handle everything from the most delicate pastries to roasting pounds of sweet potatoes. 

Oh, just imagine all the possibilities! Cookies, buns, biscuits, scones, rustic multigrain bread. 

Remember to include a pan liner to make their clean up easier. 


Piano whip with nylon handle


Vollrath | Jacob's Pride Piano Whip, Nylon Handle 

Whip or whisk, whatever you call it, your baker can aerate, whip or emulsify until their heart (or tastebuds) are content.  A type of balloon whip, the many looped wires and balloon shape mean that as it pulls through a mixture it creates vacuum streams that fill with air.  Exactly what your baker needs for whipping cream, aerating egg whites or creating a zabaglione to accompany their Amaretti cookies. 

Designed for professionals, this wires on this whip stay in perfect shape bowl after bowl because of the centre reinforcement. The one-piece design make cleaning easy.  Heat resistant and a comfortable handle, your baker hold on tight and just keep whisking. 


Measuring spoon set. 5 pieces attached on ring


Cuisipro | 5 Piece Measuring Spoon Set, Stainless Steel 

Bakers, professional bakers, may prefer weighing ingredients for precision. However, you still need measuring spoons for simplicity and speed. An essential tool in every kitchen, measuring spoons are the best way to deal with small amounts of ingredients in recipes. 

This stainless steel set of measuring spoons is built to last, boasting curved handles for a comfortable grip with a convenient ring to keep them all together.  The oval bowl is perfect if your baker measures spices right out of the jar. 


Spoon scraper with white blade and red handle


Rubbermaid | High Heat Spoon Scraper, Red 

Your baker is going to wonder where this tool has been all their life.  With all the functionality of a great rubber spatula and with the convenience of a spoon, this essential baking utensil can even handle the heat.  So, go ahead, start sending suggestions (with photos, of course) of delicate custard tarts or spiced pound cake topped with caramelized brandy apples.  

The spoon scraper is great for scraping bowls and containers, spooning into pans and shells, scraping and stirring directly in hot pots and pans. 



Fat Daddio's 2" Cakes Pans


Fat Daddio's | Round Cake Pan, 2" Deep, Anodized Aluminum 

The gift that keeps giving!  Your baker will appreciate the easy release (and therefore easy clean up) of the professional grade anodized aluminum cakes pans.  In case you didn’t know, having cakes come out of the pan while keeping nice crisp corners makes decorating a whole lot simpler! 

These amazing pans (we have 14 sizes!) can stand professional use without rusting, peeling or flaking.  Your baker will love the even heating and how quickly the pans heat up and cool down.  It can even handle acidity so bring on the lemon buttermilk six-layer dream cake. 

Cake may be in the name, but these versatile pans can be used to make deep dish pizza, focaccia bread, baked dips and casseroles.  

Buy two (or three) and your baker can now make double-layer cakes and soar to new heights.  Hopefully they share! 


High heat scraper spatula with white blade and red handle

Rubbermaid | High Heat Scraper Spatula, Red 

An extension of every baker’s hand – novice to professional – a scraper spatula is an indispensable utensil in the kitchen.   

This all-purpose spatula can handle whatever your baker has in mind, from scaping out every last bit of cake batter from the bowl to folding perfectly whipped egg whites into a rich mascarpone base for Tiramisu. It can even handle heat up to 500°F, resists staining and protects your non-stick cookware from being scratched. 

It’s red nylon handle and white silicone blade evokes the colours of the holidays.  Use the hole in the handle to hang a few on your baker’s tree this year. 


Wood rolling pin with two handles


Browne | Hardwood Rolling Pin 

Every baker needs a standard rolling pin.  And it does so much more than just roll out pie dough.  If bread, pastries, cookies and even pizza are on your baker’s love-to-make list, this rolling pin is definitely for them. 

A hardwood rolling pin can also be used to crush crackers, break up shelled nuts without needing to get out a cutting board and knife. 

If rolling pins could measure how far they roll...well, it would make your head spin.  But they will do whatever it takes to help bakers on their journey. 


14" cake knife with a long serrated blade


Ateco | Cake Knife, 14", Black 

Slicing cake rounds or sheets into layers takes a steady hand and a great knife.  Your baker will love the long blade and serrated edge that will treat their creations with the care they deserve. 

Go far beyond cutting cakes with this versatile knife.  Any food that has a crispy or tougher outside and a soft tender middle deserves the careful treatment a serrated edged knife can give.  

Bread, quiche, tarts, squares, tomatoes, citrus fruits, buns and pastries. If your baker works with chocolate, large blocks of chocolate the sawing action from the serrated blade will cut down on the precious chocolate shards flying everywhere. 


Measuring cup set. 4 pieces that are attached to ring


Cuisipro | 4 Piece Measuring Cup Set, Stainless Steel 

Even if your baker can seemingly throw together a small batch of Cranberry Orange Cardamom Scones with their eyes closed, they still need to measure.  Your baker can easily scoop ingredients with the oval bowl and long handled design.  

Made of durable stainless steel, this set can handle repeated use. A ring (can be detached) keeps the set together, organized and ready to measure. 


White hand mixer with two whisk blades


Kitchenaid | 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer 

Give them a hand to up their baking game!  Cut down on their manual labour (older and younger bakers can use the extra muscle boost) with a hand mixer.  A soft grip means comfort and with the ability to move the cord to either the left or right side, your baker can find the best spot to work. 

With 5 speed options, everything will be mixed just right.  An easy release of the beaters and a run through the dishwasher, your baker will be ready for the next batch of delicious. 

Great for: cookie dough, whipping cream and eggs, cake batter and pudding. 


Bun Pan Racks empty, with pans and being used


SignatureWares | 10 Shelf Bun Pan Rack, Half Height, Aluminum 

Allow your baker to go all in on baking day (or baking weekend) to fill order requests for friends and family or fill up the freezer for the upcoming holiday season. 

Bakeries everywhere rely on tired racks to stack and store dozens and dozens of baked treats.  Designed to hold full size and half size bun pans, a rack makes it easy and convenient to deal with multiple pans without compromising every inch of counterspace. 

 Also, a great way to keep all of your baker’s tools together in one spot and portable to be stored out of the way when bake day is done. 


MSeries Digital Scale


San Jamar | M-Series Digital Multifunctional Scale 

Precision is key to and the best way to measure ingredients is with a scale.  Easy to use but with multiple functions available, this scale can accurately measure ingredients within 2 grams.  It can also handle big batches with either a 33 lb or 66 lb weight capacity option.

With battery operation, this scale can be placed where it's needed and not dictated by where there is power (also a 9 V adaptor is available and sold separately).  With a metal frame and platform and sealed buttons, it's easy to keep the scale clean. 

Your baker will love this scale and precise control of ingredients to make every batch perfect. 


Black commercial bowl lift stand mixer with 8 qt bowl and 3 attachments


Kitchenaid | Commercial Series 8-Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer 

A serious machine for serious bakers. Power when you need it (pun intended), but quiet enough for the home kitchen, this stand mixer is a thing of beauty. Ready to go out of the box with a flat beater, spiral dough hook and stainless steel wire whip. 

Whatever recipe your baker has in mind, this commercial grade mixer can handle with ease. The motor can even manage recipes that need long mixing, kneading or whipping times. 

Added safety features include a stainless steel bowl guard and speed control protection to prevent accidentally turning on the mixer.  

Smooth and easy bowl lift gives the best support for large loads and gives better beater to bowl contact (for you non-bakers that means it gets really close to the bowl for better mixing, beating, whipping and kneading and means less scraping and checking by your baker). 

Oh, what delicious things they will make!  Don’t be surprised when they open this up if they head right for the kitchen and take it for a spin!