Gifts for the BBQ Fanatic

Oh, the barbeque.  The great Canadian outdoors, delectable scents, hanging out with friends and family, and finally sharing a delicious meal prepared by your BBQ fanatic. You know who they are, the ones that go the extra kilometer to keep serving up treats from the grill – no matter the weather. 

BBQ fanatics brave the elements – and we know, in Canada, they can be extreme - to make their passion come to life. 

Fire up the grill masters in your life this holiday season with quality professional tools they will flip for. If these tools can handle the heat of busy restaurant kitchens, you know they can withstand a backyard BBQ or two or three. 

Here’s a list of 18 products recommended by the BBQ fanatics at 


4.5" Steak Knife with serrated edge and a photo of two cooked steaks


    Victorinox | Steak Knife, Serrated Edge, Round Tip, 4.5", Black 

    One of the benefits of having a BBQ fanatic in your life is reaping the delicious rewards. This steak knife with an ultrasharp serrated blade and rounded tip cuts into a juicy steak or marinated chicken breast with ease.  

    It’s really the gift that keeps on giving.  Comfortable to use with a wear-resistant blade, this knife is great for indoor and outdoor dining and is dishwasher safe. 


    Stainless steel utility tongs

    Browne | Utility Tongs, Stainless Steel Satin Finish, 1.0mm 

    An extension of a chef’s hand, your grill master will appreciate a set of tongs... or two... maybe even three and in various sizes.   

    At the grill they can reach safely to flip, roll, poke, grab, push and pull their creations around and over the surface.  In the kitchen, tongs help get marinade over every last surface area, toss and turn the vegetable mixture or purposely place the perfectly seasoned steaks to rest before their trip to the grill. 


    Meat thermometer with dial and stem

    Taylor | Leave-In Dial Meat Thermometer

    If your BBQ fanatic loves cooking large roasts and cuts of meat, this thermometer should be in their arsenal.  The time and attention they give to choosing the cut of meat, planning the seasoning and calculating cooking times deserves a close watch and a leave-in thermometer is a great choice. 

    The thermometer is able to withstand the heat of the grill and constantly monitor the internal temperature of their creations. It has a simple, easy to read dial and doesn’t need batteries or need to be plugged in. It’s so simple, they may even trust you to check on their creations. 


    Various sized food pans and lids


    SignatureWares | Half Size Food Pan, 24 Gauge Stainless Steel

    SignatureWares | 1/3 Size Food Pan, 24 Gauge Stainless Steel

    SignatureWares | Solid Food Pan Cover, Stainless Steel

    Food pans, inserts, hotel pans, steam table pans – they have many names.  But your BBQ fanatic will call them convenient.  Indispensable in commercial kitchens, these strong, durable and easy to clean pans can roast, bake, poach, prep and store. A great help to creative grillers. 

    With various depths and sizes available there’s not much these pans can’t do.  Perfect for safely thawing meat in the fridge (with a cover, of course), marinating veggies or chicken, heating up side dishes on the grill, keeping a sauce warm. They can also flip a deep pan over and use it to cover cuts of meat that need a rest before slicing – keeping in the heat and keeping out fingers itching to get a taste. 

    Covers are imperative when working outside to reduce contaminants like bugs, birds, leaves and stray baseballs from the game going on in the side yard. 


    Grill scraper with tempered steel bristles and a wood handle

      Carlisle | 13.75" Heavy-Duty Wood Handle Scraper w/ Tempered Steel Bristles 

      Serious grillers are serious about their grills.  That means caring and protecting them like a prized possession.  This scraper and brush will help them take care of their baby.  Get into all the nooks and corners and keep their grills pristine and ready for the next feast. 

      Designed for safely cleaning hot grills and ovens in busy restaurant kitchens, this scraper brush can handle the mess. 


      Hamburger turner with stainless steel blade and wood handle

        Vollrath | Hamburger Turner, 7.75" x 3" Blade, Wood Handle 

        Burgers fresh off the grill.  Can you taste them?  No matter what type of burgers your BBQ fanatic creates, this serious hamburger turner will flip them with ease. 

        The large sturdy blade easily slides under the bacon infused beef burger or cilantro ginger chicken patties for a smooth effortless turn. The wooden handle keeps their grip cool and comfortable. 

        Your BBQ fanatic will think it’s flipping awesome!  


        SignatureWares Bun Pans different sizes and angles


          SignatureWares | Bun Pan, Aluminum 20 Gauge

          Your barbeque fanatic will wear out before these bun pans do!  Also called sheet pans, baking sheets and cookie sheets, these pans are built to withstand the rigors of busy foodservice kitchens; these workhorses can handle everything from the most delicately built stuffed burgers to safely carrying a rotisserie prime rib back to the kitchen. 

          Pick up a cover to protect the precious cargo through the Canadian jungle on route to the grill or to stack up delicious menu items for their next big grilling event.  (We hope they invite you!). 


          Silicone basting brush. Red bristles, white handle. Brush is pictured next to bowl of sauce

            Carlisle | Sparta® 3" Silicone Basting Brush 

            Get saucy at the grill with a basting brush built for professionals.  Your BBQ fanatic can sauce until their heart’s content.  The specially designed silicone bristles grab more sauce and spread better than traditional basing brushes. 

            Able to handle the high heat of a grill, this basting brush is stain and odour resistant and has a convenient hook to hang on the side of a pan keeping the handle clean and ready to grab.  Dishwasher safe means easy to clean and ready for the next saucing event. 


            Selection of Lodge skillets and uses

              Lodge | Cast Iron Skillet

              From the kitchen to the grill, a cast iron skillet offers strength and reliability like no other piece of cookware.  Yet, attractive enough to go directly from barbeque to table. 

              Patio parties are a great way to celebrate with friends and family so who wants to be stuck in the kitchen away from the action.  Used to make baked dips, eggs and side dishes or a simple way to manage dietary restrictions (inevitable in big groups), cast iron skillets of various sizes can save the day. 


              Multiple colours of kool-touch tongs. Shows them being used to flip chicken on the bbq

                Vollrath | Kool-Touch Heavy Duty One-Piece Tongs, 16" 

                No matter how long your BBQ fanatic toils over a hot grill, they can keep their cool with these Kool Touch tongs.  The length of these tongs keeps them away from the heat without compromising on having a gentle yet firm grip on the food. When your griller needs to get right into the heat tongs can protect your hands. 

                One piece design makes clean up a breeze.  Colour coding means they can have one set of tongs for each type of protein that hits their grill.  


                SignatureWares Digital Pocket Thermometer DT130SW

                  SignatureWares | Digital Pocket Thermometer

                  Whether your BBQ fanatic is new to grilling or well-seasoned, a thermometer is the only way to know for sure if foods are cooked to the correct temperature. 

                  This classic digital thermometer is compact enough to fit into an apron pocket or chef coat sleeve pocket and simple to use.  A protective sleeve with convenient clip keeps the probe safe and secure reducing the risk of accidental drops off the deck or onto patio stones. 


                  Slotted fish spatula with white handle and long blade

                    Browne | Slotted Fish Turner, 3" x 7" Blade, White Handle 

                    Give your grill master a delicate hand with a slotted fish turner.  A specially designed spatula with a thin slotted stainless steel blade with a slightly curved end, makes it easy to get under light, fragile foods to lift them or gently turn them over. 

                    Great for fish, vegetables and even grilling bread on the barbeque.   


                    Oven mitt in multiple angles

                      San Jamar | Bestgrip™ Conventional Oven Mitt w/Magnet, 17" 

                      Durable enough for constant use in a professional kitchen, oven mitts designed for commercial use can take the heat. Up to 500°F for 60 seconds, in fact. 

                      Hands and food stay safe when oven mitts are constructed of non-slip neoprene material right where it’s needed between the thumb and forefinger for a secure grip.  Extra durability built into the same area of the mitt gives extra protection for your BBQ fanatic. 

                      They will appreciate the hanging loop or magnet for storage and that this oven mitt can be wiped or rinsed clean after use. 


                      Edge grain maple cutting board with edge groove

                      Labell | Utility Cutting Board with Edge Groove, 3/4" Thick, Edge Grain Maple  

                      Elevate their BBQ game with a cutting board worthy enough to bear their delicious masterpiece. Strong enough to handle prep, beautiful enough for the table, this maple wood cutting board is sure to please. 

                      Every drop of juice is collected in the edge groove of this board. Maple is a durable wood that resists scratches and cuts.  Its neutral appearance means the food is always the focus and suits most presentation styles. 

                      Remember to get them some treatment solution to keep their cutting board in prime condition. 


                      Two sizes of carving knife with a striped handle

                      F. Dick | 1905 Carving Knife, Black

                      Form meets function with a touch of class.  Other than your favourite grill master, this knife will be the star of the show. 

                      Professional chefs, passionate cooks and BBQ fanatics will adore the well balanced feel of this knife that slices with ease.  A traditionally designed knife boasting a blade that provides superior control and fantastic sharpness gets a modern touch.  

                      Eye catching collars instead of rivets on the handle takes this knife to another level. A knife that your backyard chef will proudly use standing at the head of the table to carve their delicious creation. 


                      SignatureWares Infrared Thermometer

                        SignatureWares | Infrared Thermometer

                        Who doesn’t want toys (electronic toys) they can play with?  Give your BBQ fanatic a tool that can bring out the kid in them. 

                        No matter what type of grill your BBQ fanatic prefers, an infrared thermometer will let them safely take the surface temperature for optimum cooking.   

                        But it can also take the surface temperature of anything. We bet there will be some wagers on who can guess surface temperatures of everything on the patio and in the backyard - beverages, trees, patio stones, dogs and even the person sleeping in the hammock. 


                        Orange immersion blender. Shows motor, blade and shaft

                          Dynamic | MiniPro Immersion Blender, 6.5", Orange 

                          Great food from the barbeque doesn’t all happen at the grill.  Care and attention to preparation in the kitchen make the work at the grill easier (and tastier) for your BBQ fanatic. 

                          If their attention to detail includes making sauces and marinades from scratch an immersion blender is likely on their wish list.  This professional tool can be used to cut, chop, emulsify or blend their secret sauces right in the bowl, pot or container to achieve the perfect texture. 

                          They can even use it to make a batch of spiced whip cream to go with their famous grilled peaches. 


                          Lodge Double Sided Grill/Griddle

                            Lodge | Cast Iron Double Burner Reversible Grill/Griddle, 19.5" x 10"

                            Designed for use on the grill, over a fire, in the oven or on the stove, there is no place this grill or griddle can't help out!  Sure, it can take the heat, but it can even make a statement as a platter for crostini, charcuterie, or grilled pineapple and ginger pound cake skewers.  Guaranteed to impress everyone at the table.

                            Lodge has been crafting cast iron cookware for over a century.  Trusted by chefs and cooks for their durability and versatility, Lodge also pays attention to the details.  This uniquely designed piece has angled handles making it easy to pick up whether your grill master is using the grill or the griddle side, a drip tray (on both sides) keeps unwanted fats and juices away from cooking food and the cast iron construction offers incredible heat retention.